News: Oregon: Bend: Winners announced at this year Best of Craft Beer Awards, including Breakside Brewing for Brewery of the Year

image courtesy Best of Craft Beer Awards
"Welcome to America’s newest craft beer contest – held in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We’re here to celebrate and promote the best of the best in Craft Brewing. We know how much time and effort goes into entering your beers into awards, so we designed this unique event to benefit you with national exposure, promotional materials, and automatic entry for medal winners in the following years competition." - Best of Craft Beer Awards

After several weeks of waiting and judging, the results have come in for this year's Best of Craft Beer Awards. Getting right to the point the following Pacific Northwest breweries took home awards, including Breakside for Brewery of the Year.

"Too Long Didn't Read"

What you really need to know is that Breakside cleared 8 medals to be the best brewery of the bunch, including winning Gold for American-style IPA, while Washington's Reuben's and Kulshan won out again, with 4 and 3 each. Sockeye and Wallace Brewing were the only breweries from Idaho who took home hardware, with the rest being recycled. 

Call if home field advantage, call it proximity to the BCBA headquarters, but Oregon was clearly the winner at the year's event. 

For the complete list, go here, or read the breakdown of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington breweries. 


10 Barrel (Bend)

  • Gold for Krispy Cream (American-Style Cream Ale)
  • Bronze for Huckle Biere (Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin or Oud Red Ale)
  • Bronze for German Sparkle Party (Berliner-Style Weisse)
Alesong Brewing and Blending
  • Bronze for Saison du Vin ’16 (Brett Beer)
  • Gold for Shake Your Tree (Mixed-Culture Brett Beer or Wild Beer)
Baerlic Brewing (Portland)
  • Silver for Eastside Pilsner (Bohemian-Style Pilsener)
  • Bronze for Woodworker: Harshmellow Mountain (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Wood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber Beer)
Boneyard Beer (Bend)
  • Silver for Notorious (Imperial or Double India Pale Ale)
Breakside Brewery (Milwaukie)
  • Gold for Passionfruit Sour Ale (American-Style Sour Ale)
  • Silver for Breakside IPA (American-Style Strong Pale Ale)
  • Bronze for Lunch Break ISA (Australian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale)
  • Gold for Wanderlust IPA (American-Style India Pale Ale)
  • Bronze for Simba (Classic French & Belgian-Style Saison or French-Style Biere de Garde)
  • Bronze for Breakside Pilsner  (German-Style Pilsener)
  • Silver for #MakingFriendsMakingMemories (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer)
  • Bronze for Annus Mirabilis (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer)
Burnside Brewing (Portland)
  • Gold for Sweet Heat (Chili Pepper Beer)
  • Silver for Keller Couch (Munich-Style Helles or Dortmunder/ European-Style Export or Kellerbier/Zwickelbier Lager)
  • Gold for Thundarr the Barbarian (Other German Origin Beer)
Columbia River Brewing (Portland)

  • Bronze for Stumblers Stout (Oatmeal Stout)
  • Bronze for Pre-Prohibition Lager (American-Style Lager or Light Lager)

Deschutes Brewery (Bend)

  • Bronze for Obsidian Stout (American-style Stout)
  • Gold for Mirror Mirror (British-Style Barleywine Ale)
  • Silver for Smoked Gose (Leipzig-Style Gose or Contemporary Gose)
Falling Sky (Eugene) 
  • Bronze for Light Pillar Pilsner (Bohemian-Style Pilsener)
  • Gold for Dreadnut Tropical Stout (Export-Style Stout or Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout)
  • Bronze for Space is the Place Schwarzbier (German-Style Schwarzbier)
Fearless Brewing (Estacada)
  • Gold for Fearless Porter (Brown Porter)
  • Silver for Fearless Scottish Ale (Scottish-Style Export Ale)
Gigantic Brewing (Portland)
  • Gold for Pipewrench (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
Golden Valley (McMinnvile)
  • Silver for Atlas Elevator Doppelbock (Bock or Doppelbock)
GoodLife Brewing Co. (Bend) 

  • Bronze for Sweet As Abbey (Belgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale)
  • Bronze for Comatose Imperial IPA (Imperial or Double India Pale Ale)

Hop Valley Brewing (Eugene)

  • Bronze for H.V. Red  (American-Style Amber or Red Ale)
  • Bronze for Hefe *Springfield (American-Style Wheat Beer)
  • Bronze for PaintN the Town Brown *Springfield (American-Style Brown Ale)
  • Goild for Mild at Heart (English-Style Dark Mild Ale or English-Style Brown Ale)
  • Silver for Pinot Aged Saiblonde (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer or Wood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber Beer)
Klamath Brewing (Klamath Falls)
  • Bronze for Crater Lake Amber Ale (Extra Special Bitter)
Long Brewing (Newberg)
  • Gold for Vienna Lager (Vienna-Style Lager)
Mazama (Corvallis)
  • Silver for Rasplendent (American-Style Fruit Beer)
  • Silver for Oktoberfest (German-Style Marzen or Oktoberfest/Wiesn)
  • Silver for Uno Mas (Vienna-Style Lager)
Migration Brewing (Portland)
  • Silver for Pablo's Honey (Specialty Beer or Specialty Honey Beer)
Mt. Tabor Brewing Company (Portland)

  • Silver for Eastside Stout (American-style Stout)
  • Bronze for Crown Point Porter (Robust Porter)

North Rim Brewing (Bend)

  • Silver for Blast Cap IRA (American-Style Amber or Red Ale)

Old Town Brewing (Portland)

  • Bronze for Paulie’s Not Irish (Irish-Style Red Ale)

Oakshire Brewing (Eugene)

  • Bronze for Fruit Farm (Belgian-Style Lambic or Gueuze Lambic or Fruit Lambic)

Pelican Brewing Company (Tilamook)

  • Gold for Five Fin West Coast Pilsner (American-Style Pilsener or International-Style Pilsener)
  • Silver for Stormwatcher’s Winterfest (British-Style Barleywine Ale)
  • Silver for Kiwanda Cream Ale (Golden or Blonde Ale or English-Style Summer Ale)
pFriem Family Brewers (Hood River)
  • Gold for Brett Trois Pale (Brett Beer)
Shade Tree Brewing (Bend)
  • Bronze for Corvette (Strong Ale or Old Ale)
Sunriver Brewing (Sunriver) 
  • Silver for Electric Avenue (Session India Pale Ale or Session Beer)
Three Creeks (Sisters)
  • Bronze for FivePine Chocolate Porter (Brown Porter)
  • Silver for Frontier Justice Coffee Stout (Coffee Beer)
Thunder Island Brewing (Cascade Locks)
  • Bronze for Ridgy-Roll Rye (Rye Beer)
Widmer Brothers (Portland)
  • Gold for Hefeweizen (American-Style Wheat Beer)
Wild Ride Brewing (Redmond)

  • Gold for Electra-Fly IPA (Australian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale)

Worthy Brewing (Bend)

  • Gold for Worthy IPA (American-Style Strong Pale Ale)
  • Silver for Stratasphere (Australian-Style Pale Ale or International-Style Pale Ale)

Yachats Brewing (Yachats)

  • Bronze for Cranberry Sour (American-Style Sour Ale)


Sockeye Brewing (Boise)

  • Silver for Huggy Bear Dark Sour (American-Style Sour Ale)
  • Silver for Power House Porter (Brown Porter)
  • Gold for Maibock (Bock or Doppelbock)

Wallace Brewing Company (Wallace)

  • Gold for 1910 Black Lager (German-Style Schwarzbier)


54° 40’ Brewing Company (Washougal)

  • Bronze for Käscadia Kölsch (German-Style Kolsch)

Aslan Brewing Co (Bellingham)

  • Gold for American Stout (American-style Stout)

Chainline Brewing Company (Kirkland)

  • Gold for Polaris Pilsner (Bohemian-Style Pilsener)

Dru Bru (Snoqualmie Pass)

  • Silver for Alt (German-Style Altbier)
  • Silver for Kolsch (German-Style Kolsch)

Fremont Brewing (Seattle)

  • Gold for Session Pale Ale (Session India Pale Ale or Session Beer)
Ghostfish Brewing Company (Seattle)

  • Gold for Shrouded Summit Belgian White (Gluten-Free Beer)
  • Silver for Safehouse Amber Lager (Gluten-Free Beer)
Icicle Brewing Company (Leavenworth)

  • Bronze for Drumfire (Munchner Dunkel or European-Style Dark Lager)
  • Silver for Copper Ale (Scottish-Style Heavy Ale)

Kulshan Brewing Co. (Bellingham)

  • Bronze for Shuksan Russian Imperial Stout (American-Style Imperial Stout or Imperial Porter)
  • Gold for Kulshan Pilsner (German-Style Pilsener)
  • Silver for Red Cap Red (Irish-Style Red Ale)

Loowit Brewing Company (Vancouver)

  • Bronze for War Tortoise (Barrel-Aged) (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Dark Beer)

Lucky Envelope Brewing (Seattle)

  • Bronze for Peanut Butter Imperial Porter (Experimental Beer or Aged Beer)

Populuxe Brewing (Seattle)

  • Gold for Burke-Gilman Bitter (Ordinary Bitter or Special or Best Bitter)

Postdoc Brewing (Redmond)

  • Gold for Kilty MacPumpkin (Pumpkin Spice Beer or Pumpkin/Squash Beer)

Propolis Brewing (Port Townsend)

  • Bronze for Sirgid (Other Belgian-Style Ale)

Reuben’s Brews (Seattle)

  • Gold for Black Imperial IPA (American-Style Black Ale)
  • Silver for Lilywhite Wit (Belgian-Style Witbier)
  • Silver for Auld Heritage (Other Strong Ale or Lager)
  • Gold for Gose (Leipzig-Style Gose or Contemporary Gose)

Wander Brewing (Bellingham)

  • Silver for Together (Belgian-Style Dubbel)
  • Silver for  Global Mutt (Chocolate or Cocoa Beer)