Hard Liver Barelwine Festival returns to Brouwer's Cafe, February 25th and 26th

Hard Liver Barelwine Festival returns to Brouwer's Cafe, February 25th and 26th
image courtesy Brouwer's Cafe

In less than a week an annual festival returns to the corner of 35th and Phinney Avenue. We're speaking of Hard Liver, hosted and produced by Brouwer's Cafe.  As it has in previous years, the event will feature barleywines from local breweries, as well as regional, national, and international addresses. And now a few tips, for the seasoned idiot or those experiencing a barleywine for the first time.

  • Build a food base. A couple of quick options are: Original Pancake House, Norm's Eatery, Dish, and Roxi's Diner.
  • Use public transportation or a 'buddy'. This writer's going to be honest, you're not Superman, Wolverine, or Deadpool, so you're going to get drunk if you try and drink more than 2 or three barleywines. So why not use a service Uber, Lyft, local cab company, or even a buddy. 
  • Be patient as you wait in line to get in. Due to fire code laws, Brouwer's Cafe (like any business) is only allowed to host a certain number of people at any given time. If you're in line, then you're gonna need to wait before you get in.
  • Be patient as you sit at your table or stand around. Whether it's ordering a number 3 or ordering a large order of frites, it's gonna be slightly chaotic. But then again, show me any restaurant or bar that isn't, on a day like St. Patricks or New Year's Eve. 
  • Order by number and not by name. Despite what the menu says, you're encouraged to request from the server or bartender the number of the beer you wish to have. An example of ordering would be "I'd like a 12 ounce number 3"
  • Finally and we can't believe we have to repeat this, know your limit and don't overdue it!

Now that we've covered the dos and don'ts, here's the (tentative) list of breweries that submitting beers for this year's festival.

(Olympia) Three Magnets Brewing          (San Diego) Green Flash Brewing

(Anacortes) Anacortes Brewing                (Portland) Hair of the Dog Brewing

(Boulder) Avery Brewing                           (Seattle) Holy Mountain Brewing

(Bainbridge Island) Bainbridge Brewing (United Kingdom) J.W. Lees

(San Diego) Ballast Point Brewing            (Petaluma) Lagunitas Brewing

(Long Beach) Beachwood Brewing           (San Marcos) Lost Abbey

(Missoula) Big Sky Brewing                      (Alpine) Melvin's Brewing

(Seattle) Big Time Brewing                       (Anchorage) Midnight Sun Brewing

(Bend) Boneyard Brewing                         (Deming) North Fork Brewing

(Bellingham) Boundary Bay Brewing      (Seattle) Pike Brewing

(Netherlands) De Molen                            (Seattle) Reuben's Brews

(Milton) Dogfish Head Brewing               (Bremerton) Silver City Brewing

(Seattle) Elysian Brewing                          (Arlington) Skookum Brewing

(Paso Robles) Firestone Walker Brewing (Escondido) Stone Brewing

(Olympia) Fish Brewing Company           (Bellingham) Wander

(Seattle) Fremont Brewing                        And many more ...

For updates including a draft list from each participating brewery, visit Brouwer's Cafe's



Brouwer's Cafe is located at 400 N 35th Street in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.