Brouwer's Cafe presents "Beers with Burnside", an evening with Whitney Burnside.
image courtesy Whitney Burnside

Ask anyone, in Seattle, who's enjoyed early renditions of Elysian Brewing's Night Owl Pumpkin Ale, The Wise ESB, or Immortal IPA and chances are high you've savored a beer with brewery assistant Whitney Burnside. Then again, if you asked those who lived around or visited a certain brewery in Pacific City (Oregon), they would recall the many she (as Assistant Brewer) helped nurture along.

But that was the past and now many people reminiscence their first 10 Barrel Pearl, poured from the faucets in Portland, brewed by, you guessed it, Whitney. Celebrating her ascension from brewery helper to head brewer,

image sourced from Brouwer's Cafe

Brouwer's Cafe is hosting Ms. Burnside March 2nd, showcasing the beers that inspire smiles up and down the Willamette River.

Starting on the evening (6pm) of March 2nd, Whitney invites you to swing by to enjoy a pint (or pints) as she answers questions about her past, present, and future. Who knows, there might even be one among you who will later say "Whitney Burnside inspired me to brew beer"

  • Grapefruit Tarlette Gose: IBU 10 5.00% ABV "This Gose was inspired by a grapefruit tart that Whitney used to bake, featuring subtle flavors of cardamom, vanilla, honey and a touch of salt."
  • Glen Coco Coconut Stout: IBU 35 6.50% ABV "Imagine a beer that tastes like a Mounds bar... This chocolatey stout was brewed with loads of coconut from Bob's Red Mill, freshly toasted in house. It's like dessert in a glass. Four for you, Glen Coco! (served in a snifter) -"
  • A.W.D. Belgian Dark Strong: IBU 30 ABV 10.00% "We fought the "snowstorm" that hit Portland to brew this beautiful beer. Deep complex notes of sherry, caramel, cherry, fig and with subtle notes of chocolate in the finish. (Served in a snifter)"
  • XS Session IPA: IBU 40 ABV 5.20% ABV "This IPA may be extra small, but it packs a massive citrus punch. Brewed with a blend of Golden Promise and malted red wheat, this session IPA is full bodied and highly quaffable. It was hopped with El Dorado, Galaxy, Amarillo, and Citra hops. The beer of Winners. #drinkportlandbeer."
  • Alton Bruin Belgian Style Dark Dubbel Ale: IBU 20 ABV 10.00% "Alton Bruin is a Belgian Dark Strong that was aged in Merlot barrels for 1.5 years with the Roeselare lambic culture blend and fresh raspberries."

Brouwer's Cafe is located at 400 N 35th Street in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.