Locally revered, Scuttlebutt's Old No. 1 Barley Wine has been a fast friend for these past 10 years. But for those who live beyond Everett, it can be daunting to make the trip to the brewery. Which is probably why the brewery is bringing their award-winning barley wine to you. From 6 pm, this January 24th, Brouwer's Cafe is hosting Scuttlebutt as they celebrate the release another edition of Old No. 1. 

Those willing to take a bus or a friend will not only be rewarded with a glass of Old No. 1, or 20th Anniversary Stout (barrel aged from Oola Distilling Smoked Whiskey, Woodinville Whiskey Company Straight Bourbon, and Skip Rock Distilling Rum), but also an opportunity to meet with head brewer Matt Stromberg. 

If you still aren't convinced then you only have to read this from the brewery. 

We are tapping the first kegs of our 2016 Old No. 1 Barleywine with the good folks at Brouwer's on January 24th. It will be a great opportunity to taste the Barleywine (the 2009 iteration won Gold at the World Beer Cup in 2014) along with all four variants of our 20th Anniversary Russian Stout and the KEXP Transistor IPA. The 20th Anniversary Stout was released in September 2016 and featured a non barrel aged version, as well as three collaborative barrel aged variants: one aged in Oola Distilling Smoked Whiskey barrels, one with Woodinville Whiskey Company Straight Bourbon barrels and one aged in Skip Rock Distilling Rum barrels. This is the first time since release all will be available to taste on tap in one place. The KEXP Transistor IPA is our fundraising project with 90.3 KEXP, Seattle's own public, non-profit radio station. We have donated more than $15,000 to date to support KEXP.
image courtesy Scuttlebutt Brewing
More on Scuttlebutt Old No. 1 Barley Wine

Aroma: Hints of maple, vanilla, raisin, and black currant. 
Taste: Full body, rich maple and black currant flavors, smooth finish.
Color: Deep rich amber
Bitterness: 83 bittering units
Hops: Columbus, Amarillo, and U.S. Golding
Alcohol % (by volume): 12&

Thoughts by Matt Stromberg
This is the 10th year of brewing the Old #1 barley wine. The 05' and 08' versions were awarded bronze medals in the English Barley Wine category of the North American Beer Awards. The 09' version won a World Beer Cup Gold and has since been awarded a Silver and Bronze medals in the NABA in the same category.  Deceptively subtle, strong hints of raisin, maple, vanilla, and black current work together in pleasant harmony. Aged for over a year, this beer has gained a stalwart following. Enjoy!

In addition to Old No. 1 Barley Wine, the brewery provided these notes for four editions of their 20th Anniversary Stout. 
image courtesy Scuttlebutt Brewing
20th Anniversary Imperial Stout
This pitch black beer is intensely malty. Featuring a velvety texture with seemingly endless layers of dark fruit, freshly ground coffee, toffee, dark chocolate, cream, molasses, pipe smoke and well aged leather. Smooth, rich and deep this beer can be consumed right away but will only get better with age.

Color: Black with a mocha colored head
ABV: 11.74 
IBU's: 76

Oola Smoked Whiskey Barrel Aged 20th Anniversary Stout
This version was aged in Oola's Smoked Whiskey barrels for ninety-one days. All the flavors described above are present but many are enhanced with this barrel version. It peaks very early, rich up front with the flavor of the barrel asserting itself on your palate. As the vertical accent levels off the coffee notes press forward followed by rich dark chocolate and pipe smoke to a satisfying finish.

Woodinville Whiskey Barrel Aged 20th Anniversary Stout
This version was aged in Woodinville Strait Bourbon Whiskey barrels for ninety-nine days. The bourbon barrel comes through on the sweet side early before the oak rises to take the spotlight, Coffee notes follow with chocolate and leather. The hops seem a bit more present in this beer than the other barrel aged products... There's a lot of balance in this version.

Skip Rock Rum Barrel Aged 20th Anniversary Stout
This version was aged in the Rum barrels for one hundred and seventeen days. It starts softer than the other two barrel version and gains a richness as you progress. Chocolate and leather notes are very forward at the beginning and it finishes with notes of baker's spice.  It's very elegant in its execution of balancing the flavors of the rum.