image courtesy Black Raven Brewing
Press Release

Redmond, WA - On December 2nd Coco Jones Coconut Porter will be landing in brand new six-pack 12oz cans. This beer has a storied history at Black Raven. It was first brewed back in 2009 as a variant of our Tamerlane Brown Porter, infused with toasted coconut. When customers went cuckoo for Coco, we decided to enter it in the World Beer Cup where it won a gold medal (category: herb/spiced beer) in 2010. Over the ensuing years it was brewed as a seasonal release and at the end of last year, we decided offer it as a year-round release in 22oz bottles and draft. It will join Trickster IPA as our second 12oz can offering.
About the beer:
Coco Jones unites the rich caramel and chocolate malt flavors of a traditional brown porter with beautifully toasted coconut.  We painstakingly infuse the beer with fair-trade coconut that has been delicately toasted to bring out a rich and nutty flavor. This infusion is done through a combination of soaking the coconut and recirculating the beer through the coconut. The result is a well-balanced, toasted coconut flavor that melds with the smooth chocolate and roast flavors contributed by the malts.
ABV:  5.6%  IBU: 34

About Black Raven Brewing:
Black Raven is an award winning brewery founded by Beaux Bowman and Kathryn Gillespie in 2009 in Redmond, WA where it operates a 15-barrel brewery as well as a taproom. Head Brewer Beaux Bowman's goal is simple: build a brewery that not only crafted beer that he wants to drink, but also be a brewery that he wants to work in. Current distribution is limited to Washington state and Alaska. Signature beers include Trickster IPA, Coco Jones Coconut Porter, Second Sight Scottish Ale, as well as seasonal favorites such as Kitty Kat Blues Pale Ale and Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout.