Events: Bellingham: Aslan Brewing hosts "Best Beard in Bellingham", November 30th, from 7 pm.

image courtesy Aslan Brewing
image courtesy Aslan Brewing
image courtesy Aslan Brewing

Press Release
... Bellingham, Washington — At 7 p.m. Wednesday, November 30, Aslan will be hosting the Best Beard in Bellingham competition. Anyone interested in entering can pre-register on our website or check in with Aslan staff during the event. Winners will be announced at 9:30 p.m. the day of the competition.
Beards will be judged using three criteria: Beard Length, Beard Creativity, and Beard Power. Judges will combine the aggregate total of a 1-10 score in each category. In addition to the overall competition, we'll be crowning winners in the following subcategories:
  • Best Mustache
  • Free Style
  • Cleanest Beard
  • Longest Beard
  • People's Choice
All the categories, aside from People’s Choice, will be judged by Aslan’s resident beard experts: Austin Umbinetti-Hutton, brewer and beard-master; Brendan Garvey, sous chef and beard model; and Celina Carros, events coordinator and beard connoisseur.
All winners will receive a prize, sponsored by Sea Witch Botanicals and V’s Barbershop. Contestants must be present at the time of announcement to win.