image courtesy Fremont Brewing
First, if you haven't planned out your Thanksgiving then you'd be wise to get started now. Secondly, we want to go on record that we never go out on Thanksgiving for those "door buster" deals. Rather we do what many of your beer brethren do, we head out to Fremont for the release of B-Bomb.

Formerly known as Bourbon Barrel (aged) Abominable Ale, B-Bomb has become synonymous with not only Fremont but also a turning point for the rest of the year, as we move towards its conclusion. Which is why we are happy to remind people to close the refrigerator door, put down that dinner roll, and instead head out to the Urban Beer Garden to dance with the yeti.

So what the heck is a B-Bomb?*from the mouths of the brewery

Name: B-Bomb
Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Ale
Description: This year’s release of B-Bomb is aged in 12 & 15 year-old American Oak whiskey barrels and is a blend of 24 and 12-month old barrel strength Winter Ale. B-Bomb achieves distinct bourbon, oak, cacao, leather, and dark coffee notes from its extended barrel aging and barrel blending. Each barrel contributes a different note, and combining each barrel to create a coherent tone is a distinct art and true pleasure. Please do enjoy this unique barrel-aged ale today, but know that B-Bomb will age gracefully for at least another 5 years. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Abominable.
ABV: 14.0%
IBU: 65
Down & Dirty: 2-Row Pale, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Carafa-2, Munich, & C-120 malts with Columbus, Willamette, & Golding hops
Aroma: Vanilla, wood, caramel
Flavor: Cocoa, bourbon, dried fruit
Color: Deep black
image courtesy Fremont Brewing
Doors open at 11am, for those who wish to purchase a bottle (or two) of this often-appreciated beer. Those wishing to check out their 'infusions' should swing by after 5 pm when the UBG opens taps and boxes to offer up a super limited amount of infused Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Ale. In previous years these have included cinnamon, coffee, and cacao. As with everything, each person will be limited to a finite amount to purchase.

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