Industry News: Seattle: Caffe Vita, Pike Brewing Company, and the Metropolitan Market announce Pike Vita Blonde Coffee Ale

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Since 1971, the Metropolitan Market has reminded locals the value of independent ownership. One only needs to walk into one of the many locations throughout Western Washington to witness locally-baked bread, fresh-caught seafood, and a willingness to support the local artisans. To that end, the Metropolitan Market staff are proud to announce a collaboration between Seattle's oldest independent brewery and the iconic coffee roaster Caffe Vita.

For Pike co-owner Drew Gillespie, the opportunity to collaborate with Vita was bittersweet, given the roaster's Capitol Hill address is inside the former husk of Cafe Paradiso. With a smile on his face, Gillespie speaks of his first job working in the Italian restaurant. Today there isn't much resemblance that Paradiso was ever at 1005 E Pike Street, save for a neon sign, nestled in the Caffe. Coupled with the Metropolitan long-standing support of local businesses and the collaboration made perfect sense.

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Brewed at the Pike Brewing Company, Pike Vita Blonde Coffee Ale is a coffee-infused ale made with Cafe Vita's Del Sol espresso roast coffee, malted grains and select hops. Truly embracing the coffee namesake, approximately 10 pounds of coffee slumbered in each 30 barrel brewery tank, before another 20 pounds was added to 'dry-hop' the beer. Taken together there is approximately a cup (4oz) of coffee in each pint of beer. But the coffee isn't the only actor, providing character and aroma, as the brewery also employed hop varietals Summit and Cascade to balance out some of the aromatics created by Vita's Del Sol roast.

In their own words, Del Sol from Caffe Vita

Our signature espresso blend is rich and complex with aromas of dark chocolate, butterscotch, and praline. A deep, silky, amber crema with a sweet caramel finish.
Formulated for extraction as espresso but also delightful as drip or french press. Featuring exceptional Farm Direct coffees from around the globe, Caffe Del Sol is a versatile, dynamic, and consistent blend.
In their own words, Pike Coffee Blonde Ale

What’s more Seattle than coffee and beer? Pike Vita is a fresh take on coffee beers; featuring Caffe Vita’s single varietal Papua New Guinea coffee beans in a light, golden ale. This bright beer starts with coffee aromas and finishes with citrusy hop flavors. This collaborative brew is the first in an ongoing series between Pike Brewing and Seattle coffee roaster, Caffe Vita.
Released a couple weeks ago, in all six Metropolitan Market locations, curious coffee and beer drinkers should visit the nearest Met and learn more about this collaboration between three of Seattle's iconic businesses.