Alehouse News: Seattle: With a support-Washington approach, "Ounces" is opening in West Seattle

“Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same” -Hugh Hood

image of Laurel Trujillo, used for commentary, sourced from her LinkedIn profile
Ever since the founding of this country, almost 250 years ago, people have aspired for financial independence. For some, it's through retirement, after decades of labor and fiscal investment. For others, it's purchasing property (or a lease) and establishing a business. For Laurel and Andrew Trujillo, that dream is in the homestretch, with the opening of Ounces in the West Seattle neighborhood.

Slated for late October (22nd), Ounces will pour over 30 unique beers, wines, ciders, and sodas. In addition to pints of refreshment, the alehouse will showcase an outdoor beer garden, complemented by games (such as corn hole and giant Jenga) and food trucks. Current plans are to eschew a kitchen, in lieu of encouraging people to import food from a nearby truck or eatery. For people with children under 21, Ounces will open as an all-ages alehouse.

Breaking it down, there will be approximately 23 Washington beers on top of draft cider (2), draft wine (2), non-alcoholic (3) (including Kombucha, Nitro Cold Brew and Ginger Beer). Current plans are to promote a majority of the beer from breweries that produce less than 15,000 barrels per year. To the general consumer, this means that you'll have to drive a bit further, if you're looking for a pint of Manny's, Lucille, African Amber, or Interurban. But wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy a pint of Cloudburst without dealing with Market parking?

As it turns out, the decision to open in West Seattle was inspired by visits to nearby Beveridge Place Pub and The Beer Junction, which provided an end-to-end experience, but lacked support for families. Add to the fact that Laurel and Andrew are rabid fans of breweries like Cloudburst or Holy Mountain, and Ounces was born.

For now, Laurel and Andrew are looking forward to getting feedback from their many guests, as they work towards becoming another of your locally-supported, community-businesses.

Ounces is located at 3809 Delridge Way S.W ., just off the West Seattle bridge, in Seattle's Alaska Junction neighborhood.