Alehouse Event: Seattle: Beveridge Place Pub hosts Sierra Nevada Brewing's legendary brewer, Steve Dresler, October 26th from 4pm - 6pm.

image sourced from Beer Street Journal
image sourced from Beer Street Journal
Chemical corrosion applicator for airport parts and homebrewer. This was the early resume of a dual-degree graduate, named Steve Dresler, of Chico state. What started as a home brewing hobby in college, has matured into a 33-year career as head brewer of one of the largest independent breweries in the country. But like leaves on the Quaking aspen, time eventually inspires change and with it comes the departure of Steve Dresler at Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. 
It’s bittersweet. Steve is an iconic figure in our brewery and in the industry. His talent and personality are legendary, and he has set the tone in our production department for years. I wish him all the best in this much-deserved retirement.
- Sierra Nevada Brewing's founder and owner, Ken Grossman, on the departure of Steve Dresler.

In recognition of his service, we encourage anyone in the Seattle or Greater Seattle area, to brave traffic and visit the Beveridge Place Pub, between 4 pm and 6pm. During the event, the pub will be featuring Estate Grown IPA, Northern Hemisphere Harvest, Otra Vez Gose, and this year's Celebration. While you're there, enjoy a pint and absorb several minutes with Steve, as he recalls how he applied for a job with a six-pack.

Beveridge Place Pub is located at 6413 California Ave SW in Seattle, WA 98136.