Brewery News: Woodinville: Sumerian Brewing announces distribution agreement with Odom Corporation, Marine View, and Soundview

Long after brewers used the dray, long after pubs blended their beers, the world was introduced to the wholesale distributor. 

Responsible for most of the heavy lifting, the distributor has become a ubiquitous cog in the three-tier, beer, machine. Without the distributor, many small breweries would be left spending scant dollars on vehicles, auto repairs, and staff, while making pennies on the dollar. So one can imagine the relief that comes with a distribution contract.

For Woodinville's Sumerian Brewing, that day arrived with the announcement that Odom Distributing and the brewery have entered into an agreement. Starting September 16th, Odom Distributing, along with distributors Marine View and Soundview, begin shipment of Sumerian beer.

But the brewery hasn't stopped there.

Starting today, the brewery is researching the purchase of a canning line for use in 2017.

About Sumerian Brewing
... Our goal was to carefully construct the brewery like our home. In a startup you can’t do a great job of everything, you have to prioritize what is critically important “product and place”, and what is “nice to have.” Reformed perfectionists, we didn’t waste time on “nice to have.” Even with the helping skilled hands of our brew master, helping do construction all while perfecting recipes, it took longer to create our space and open, but we wanted to come out of the gate with eyes on the future, to grow.

Our commitment is to brew great tasting, quality, and impressionable West Coast style beers. Big, bold in character and flavorful. We have an exceptional brew master, pub manager and staff. We hope you enjoy our beer, brewery and come back to visit us time and time again!

Cheers / Prost
Mark & Holly

About Odom Corporation
In 1932, a young traveling salesman named Milt Odom stepped off a steamboat in Juneau, Alaska full of ambition and dreams of making his mark on the last frontier. A year later, Milt formed Odom & Company, an independent broker selling bourbon, liquor, coffee, tea, spices, meats, candy, and other dry goods
Odom's divisions and wholly-owned subsidiaries still operate today under the guiding spirit of Milt Odom.