Summer is pretty much toast, come the end of this week. Sorry, but the calendar has spoken. But this doesn't mean you need to put the t-shirts and shorts in the basement. After all, you live in the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia, Oregon, Portlandia! 

All the more reason to put four dates in your calendar, right next to that post-it note labeled "drink more beer."

Starting this Wednesday, September 14th, Lompoc Brewing's Sidebar Tasting room, at 3901 N. Williams Avenue, is celebrating the release of their Oktoberfest Märzen Lager. But if you need further coaxing, here's what they had to say. 
Hey, we didn't take this picture, it was willed to us by Lompoc Brewing
Join us at our Sidebar Tasting Room (3901 N Williams Ave) on Wednesday, Sept. 14 from 4pm to close as we welcome in autumn with the release of our Oktoberfest Märzen Lager! Plus, meet the brewers and enjoy German food specials all evening long. 

But if your mind can't escape the thought of men in suspender-supported, decorative, short-shorts; then we suggest you consider option B - Tokien Trivia night, September 22nd, at the Sidebar.
Is it me or does that mountain look like it's made of licorice? Thanks to Lompoc for the image.
Join us at our Sidebar Tasting Room (3901 N Williams Ave) on Thursday, Sept. 22 beginning at 7:30pm for Tolkien Trivia Night. Grab some friends and come test your knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien's most popular works and their film adaptations. This multi-round event will feature trivia questions on The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson's film trilogies, and general Middle Earth miscellanea. Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the highest scores at the end of the night. 21+ only.

Then again, maybe you're a Potter fan, or a lover of Star Wars and can't stand the idea of some grey-bearded old guy, sucking from a pipe. So skip that mess and stop into the Fifth Quadrant, for "Shrimp Boil & Brewers BBQ". 

Beer + Seafood = Red Tide. God we hope not. Thanks Lompoc for the visual
Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 28 beginning at 4pm at the Fifth Quadrant (3901 N Williams Ave) for a Shrimp Boil in the brewery and BBQ specials in the pub. Grab a bowl of shrimp boil (shrimp, corn, sausage & potato) and a pint of Lompoc beer for only $5, plus the opportunity to hang out with the brewers in the brewery. Or head into the 5Q restaurant for BBQ specials (each BBQ Plate comes with your choice of two sides, corn bread & watermelon jicama salad): Pulled Beef Brisket 6oz $15; 1/4 Rack Hills Baby Back Ribs $15; 1/2 Rack Hills Baby Back Ribs $18; or the Best of Both (1/4 Rack Hills Baby Back Ribs & 6oz Pulled Beef Brisket) $18. Featured sides include Pepper Jack Mac, Herb Mashed Red Potatoes, Succotash and Bacon and Onion Wilted Greens.

Finally, on October 5th, while all the other breweries have 'blown their wad on Pumpkin beers (in July, August, and September), swing into Sidebar for the re-release of Monster Mash Imperial Porter. 

Serious voodoo going on here. Lompoc is responsible for image's hex if it's cursed.
We will be releasing our annual Monster Mash Imperial Porter at Sidebar on Wed., Oct. 5 from 4pm to close. Monster Mash is an imperial porter featuring strong chocolate and roast flavors with a touch of red fruit (8.1% ABV). Join us for pints in the bar or take home 22oz bottles for just $4. Complimentary snacks will be provided.

Then again, you probably stopped reading when you saw the word short-shorts. To which I can only say, you've missed out on the chance to enjoy some unique parties with Lompoc. The rest of who are reading this, this writer thanks you and asks that you enjoy the last gasps of Summer, while sipping on a Lompoc beer.