Press Release

Since 1984, we’ve brewed Small Batch beers with a simple philosophy; beer styles that excite us brewed with quality ingredients, and crafted by hand at our original Small Batch Brewery on Granville Island. Headed by our Brewmaster Kevin Emms, we release new Small Batch Brews monthly in 650mL Bomber Bottles.

Our retail store is a great place to grab the latest Small Batch brews, but what you might not know is that not all our Small Batch beer ends up in bottles. Our Brewmaster is always playing with new recipes and testing new ideas, the best of which become one-of-a-kind beers available on tap only at our brewery. Read on to find what we’re currently serving.


image sourced from Granville Island Brewing
ALC./VOL: 7% IBU: 70 FIND IT: On our Growler Line & In Our Taproom

This big, juicy New Zealand IPA is fresh on our taps.

What makes a New Zealand IPA different to their North American and English cousins? Primarily, it’s the hops used. With a similar climate to the Pacific Northwest, New Zealand provides an ideal growing environment for hops, which need moderate temperatures and plenty of rain and sunshine.

Our New Zealand IPA uses Rakou and Waimea hops, giving the brew a peach and currant flavour profile with hints of tangerine. On tap for the next couple of weeks, make sure you don’t miss the chance to try this unique brew, and explore the wonderful world of IPAs.


To wrap up summer, we’ll be releasing a refreshing and sessionable Golden Ale. Keep an eye on our social channels for when this brew hits our taps.