Brewery News: OR: Portland: Baerlic Brewing Company celebrates Bach & Beer with Steuart Pincombe, August 24th

Press Release
image courtesy Baerlic Brewing Company
Portland, Oregon – August 24, 2016, 7pm at Baerlic Brewing is hosting Bach & Beer with Steuart Pincombe an internationally-recognized cellist bringing together two of the finer things in life: Bach & Beer. Baerlic Brewing will be pairing 3 beers with 3 Bach cello suites played live in the Baerlic taproom.

Just as many brewers follow a recipe that was used hundreds of years ago, Steuart’s approach to playing Bach also looks back on old “recipes” and methods of playing. The program of Bach’s Cello Suites will be interlaced with short explanations of Steuart’s historical, interpretive approach along with comments from the brewery on the historical brewing method of each beer. Each of the three suites will be paired with one of Baerlic’s beers.

The concert is part of a project called Music in Familiar Spaces, a yearlong tour of the US bringing the highest level of classical music performance to homes, churches, cafés, bars, or any place where community already exists. One of the aims of the Music in Familiar Spaces tour is to make classical music accessible to a wide and varied audience. This will be accomplished not only by performing in familiar, comfortable and untraditional spaces, but by designing programs that invite the audience to experience the music in a new and engaging way. The audience will also be asked to name-their-own-ticket-price, paying what they can afford and what they deem the concert is worth (beer is sold separately). Music in Familiar Spaces was started by Steuart with his wife Michelle and the couple have been on tour since October 2015, living and traveling full-time in a 1959 FAN trailer.