image sourced from Fremont Brewing

The Rusty Nail – Fremont Brewing

We’re releasing The Rusty Nail on Saturday, July 9th at 11am in our Urban Beer Garden. Rusty Nail bottles will sell for $20 each and there will be a 2 bottle limit. Both Rusty Nail and First Nail will be on tap, and a limited number of 2015 First Nail bottles will also be for sale. 13.2% ABV // 50 IBU

The Brother Fremont Brewing

The Brother is inspired by our desire to thank Brothers everywhere. Without our Brothers, we would have taken the blame for everything as children, wouldn’t have known the inside of an ambulance, and never understood the true fear a good ghost story can cause a young child. This Brother is appropriately big, intimidating, and unbalanced with unrestrained quantities of hops for a head slap of beery ferociousness. 8.5% ABV // 1 Billion

image sourced from Icicle Brewing Company

Khaos Kölsch – Icicle Brewing

As the frigid water of Icicle Creek tumbles down the canyon, pouring over boulders, churning in eddies, foam and froth billowing from beneath, it dreams of one day becoming the greatest beer ever. A German Style Ale that delicately balances subtle fruit flavors and aromas with a subdued maltiness, a beer that’s fresh like an alpine spring and as crisp as a mountain breeze. It dreams of brewing up to be the refreshing Khaos Kölsch. 5% ABV // 21 IBU

Belgian Golden Ale with Heather and Pink Peppercorns – Lazy Boy Brewing

Brewed with Citra and Denali hops. 8.7% ABV

The Cutter Class IPA – Maritime Pacific Brewing Company

Bold citrus nose with a soft malt body and grapefruit finish. Hopped with Yakima Amarillo and New Zealand Green Bullet Hops. 7% ABV // 70 IBU

The J-Class IPA - Maritime Pacific Brewing Company

Bold spice and floral nose with a soft malt body and citrus finish. Hopped with Yakima Centennial, Summit and New Zealand Green Bullet Hops. 7.2% ABV // 80 IBU