Brewery Release: Seattle: Coming Soon ... Fremont The Rusty Nail. On sale July 9th, from 11am.

image courtesy Fremont Brewing
As the inaugural anniversary beer of The Pine Box, Fremont Brewing's The Rusty Nail is a celebration of Fremont and The Pine Box's collaborative release - The 1st Nail. 

Aged in Bourbon Barrels, The Rusty Nail will be released next Saturday, July 9th, when doors open at 11am. Each bottle will set you back $20 dollars and there's a 2 person limit. Come for the beer, but stay for everything else.

From the brewery

The Rusty Nail
Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Licorice, and Smoked Barley
Description: The Rusty Nail begins life as The First Nail, an oatmeal stout of epic proportions with brewer’s licorice, smoked barley, and pale malt and aged on cinnamon bark. She becomes the Rusty Nail after spending 15 months in 12-year old bourbon barrels. The Rusty Nail pounds your palate, challenges your perception of all that you’ve known of beer, and leaves you wanting…another sip. “A fine beer may be judged by one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” –VWP
Age this beer, please! But try one now…go on.
Down & Dirty: Pale, Vienna, and Smoked malts, Midnight Wheat with Flaked Oats and Magnum and Yakima Goldings hops.
Color: Deep Black
Aroma: Molasses, cinnamon, wood, dark fruit
Flavor: Licorice, cocoa, bourbon, slightly smoky
IBU: 50