Brewery News: Poulsbo: Sound Brewery's Mortal Kombat X v1 beers released at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Press Release

San Diego, CA ... After a significant build up of pre launch social media engagement reagarding the new Mortal Kombat X v1 beers from craft brewer Sound Brewing & Global Traders, Sand Diego Comic-Con will serve as the main event to launch sales in Souther California in a number of locations.

Scorpion – Imperial Stout, Raiden – Imperial Saison and Sub-Zero Imperial IPA are available in retail locations, restaurants, and clubs across southern California. “This is an ideal opportunity to launch the Mortal Kombat X series of beers, during an event that appeals to our target market” said Jim O’Leary President of Global Beverage Traders.

Sound Brewery and Global Beverage Traders will have all three beers available by August 1 throughout southern California. The beer will be in a number of national chain and grocery stores, beer and wine outlets in addition to on premise locations. Our sales management team has established a national distribution network of wholesale beer distributors and regional and national chains as well as specialty accounts across the US who will carry the Mortal Kombat X v1 Series of Beers.

This new series of beers inspired by Mortal Kombat X is a limited release and available for shipping in 22oz single-serve bottles (12/22 oz case).

Mortal Kombat X v1 Series of Beers is produced by Sound Brewery, Poulsbo, Washington and distributed exclusively by Global Beverage Traders.

The Mortal Kombat X v1 inspired beer series is produced under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Ocean Brands, LLC.

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