Press Release

image courtesy Aslan Brewing Company
image courtesy Aslan Brewing Company
... Bellingham, Washington — Bellingham Beer Lab and Aslan Brewing Company are teaming up to create I Am Gruit, an unhopped herbed ale. To kick off the release of this unique and delicious collaboration, Aslan is hosting a short-box comics convention from The Comics Place and a live-art auction on July 21 from 5 to 9 pm.

The comic vendor table fees and 10 percent of beer sales during the I Am Gruit Release Party will be donated to Make.Shift Art Space, a nonprofit art and music venue. This event is all-ages and comic-themed costumes are highly encouraged.

“This is a spectacularly exciting crossover,” said Django Bohren, owner of The Comics Place. “We are huge fans of tiny, old school comic conventions, and the I Am Gruit! release party is a great opportunity for us to bring some of our love for comic books to fans of Aslan’s beer!”

Gruit is a mixture of herbs that dates back to the early days of brewing, used to flavor beer before hops became popular.

“Beer releases are a dime a dozen in this town, comic swap meets happen pretty regularly,” said Andy Beer, warehouse manager for Aslan and the creator of I Am Gruit. “A beer release with a 9 foot realistic Groot costume, comic book specials, and exclusive art? That isn't something you see everyday.”

The live-art auction is a great chance to check out and buy some one-of-a-kind, comic book-themed art from local artists such as Katie Johnson and Erem Kincaid.

"I'm excited to give back to an energetic community that has been completely nurturing for me as an up and coming artist," said Katie Johnson, Bellingham-based artist and painter.

This event will help support Make.Shift, a home to many artists and a creative hub for other organizations such as the Bellingham Girls Rock Camp.

"The proceeds from this event will help Make.Shift continue to improve our programs,” said Tyson Ballew, executive director at Make.Shift. “We strive to be a launching point and safe space for all ages to create and express themselves through art and music. Thank you Aslan, Comics Place, and Andrew Beer for thinking of us when creating this event