Festival Preview: Seattle: Celebrate Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Beer Camp Across America, June 9th or June 10th, from 4pm

This Thursday, June 9th, friends and family of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company encourage you to learn more about Beer Camp Across America, by visiting a nearby alehouse and enjoying one of six unique "Beer Camp" collaboration beers. From 4pm, Sierra Nevada will be caravaning their staff, family, and friends throughout Seattle, at the following locations:

  • 4pm - The Yard Cafe, 8313 Greenwood Ave North in the Greenwood neighborhood
    • All Six Beer Camp Across America (variety-pack) beers will be on draft
  • 6pm - Brouwer's Cafe, 400 North 35th Street in the Fremont neighborhood. 
    • All Six Beer Camp Across America beers will be on draft
  • 8pm - Latona Pub, 6423 Latona Avenue N.E. near the Greenlake neighborhood
    • Besides Beer Camp Across America beers, lookout for Nooner & Otre Vez

Following their tour on Thursday, the Sierra Nevada crew is joined by brewers from the Pacific Northwest, as well as from the West Coast and midwest. Starting at 4pm, the following locations will be hosting brewers and alike:

  • 4pm - Sam's Tavern, 400 9th Avenue North
    • All Six Beer Camp Across America (variety-pack) beers & Nooner Pilsner
  • 6pm - Local public eatery, 404 Terry Avenue North
    • Be on the lookout for Nooner Pilsner, Torpedo IPA, and more.
  • 8pm - The Brave Horse Tavern, 310 Terry Avenue North.
    • All Six Beer Camp Across America (variety-pack) beers, plus beers from:
      • Melvin, Barley Brown, Bale Breaker, Black Raven, Maui, to name a few.

Finally, if you have the stamina or chose to forgo the festival altogether, The Pine Box will be hosting a 'post-festival' party, where many of the visiting brewers will be decompressing after a long day of pouring beer. The Pine Box is located at 1600 Melrose Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

What is Beer Camp?

"Beer Camp is two days of hands-on beer education, recipe formulation and brewing in Sierra Nevada’s 10-barrel pilot brewery at its Chico, Calif., location. From skilled homebrewers to everyday fans, the campers work in conjunction with Sierra Nevada brew masters to create top-notch beers that are hits in the Sierra Nevada taproom but rarely travel elsewhere."

What is Beer Camp Across America?

"Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Beer Camp Across America is a celebration of America’s craft beer revolution. The project embodies the unique spirit that exists in the craft beer industry and the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. As such, every craft brewery in the country is invited to participate in the festivals."

What beers will be featured, prior to the Beer Camp Across America festival?

Rather than copy-paste a similar quote from above, we'll let this video do the talking.

To purchase tickets, or read more about the upcoming Beer Camp Across America festival, held in Seattle, June 11th, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/beer-camp-across-america-seattle-wa-tickets-22128806857.