Press Release
image courtesy Terminal Gravity Brewing
{Enterprise, Ore}

Terminal Gravity Brewing is excited to announce the release of our popular Eagle Cap IPA in six-pack bottles beginning June 7. Named after our home territory—the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains—the Eagle Cap IPA six-pack is both a nod to our place and a signal of continued new style and innovation to come from our twenty year old brewery.

First brewed as an experimental one-off in early 2014, Eagle Cap IPA quickly surged in popularity from Eastern Oregon to Portland. Packed with Citra hops, a clean yet sturdy malt backbone, and an approachable 6.2% ABV, Eagle Cap IPA boasts notes of citrus, tropical orange, and grapefruit—the perfect IPA for summer. And now that it's in bottles, it will make a great addition to your cooler.  
  Eagle Cap IPA will be available wherever TG bottles are sold, so check out your local New Seasons, Fred Meyer, Zupan’s, and Safeway, as well as other fine independent retailers in Portland, Eugene, Bend, SW Washington and Seattle.

Eagle Cap will be released at the Belmont Station Release Party ( on Tuesday, June 14th during Portland Beer Week.
At TG we strive to make approachable, quality beer. Eagle Cap is a great addition to the six-pack line up and will be available until the end of September. Try a sixer today and as always, we’ll see you at the pub.

Cheers, Friends.

About TG:
Founded in 1997, Terminal Gravity Brewing Company sits in the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in Enterprise, Oregon.  TG first entered the Oregon beer market with its TG IPA.  TG IPA quickly changed the beer scene in Oregon in the late 90’s.  Since it’s inception, TG has provided a wide selection of bottled beers, draught varieties, and seasonal specialties. Terminal Gravity Brewing distributes its beer in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and recently expanded its market presence to Montana.
TG’s brewers work on an 18 bbl. system and brew a humble 6,000 barrels of beer per year.  For more information please connect with us on social media!