Opinion: Seattle Beer Week 2016: Hey don't b**ch at me! This is where I'm going this year.

Despite the migration from the 1st week in May (starting in 2009) to the 2nd, Seattle Beer Week is returning with a binge-worthy amount of events. This year's 'Beer Week is light on the dinners and focussed more on events and alehouse festivals. Like this writer has done in the past, I will be covering where I plan on attending. If dinners, Barleywood Squares, Washers tournaments, or  sour beers aren't your thing, then I suggest you exercise initiative by visiting Seattle Beer Week's website.

A brief history of Seattle Beer Week
Started in 2009, as a celebration of Seattle's beer culture, Seattle Beer Week focuses less on the breweries that live and brew in Seattle (and the greater Seattle area) and more on the people that support the breweries and alehouses of the Emerald City. In other words, you!

Unlike a calendar week, the organizers determined 7 days was not enough time, so they added 3 days, otherwise known as a brewer's week. Much like the other 355 days, one should expect to find Lucille IPA sharing the same cooler as a Bale Breaker Top Cutter, a Ballast Point Sculpin, or a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

Dinners (aka, beer pairings)

  • Tuesday, May 17th, from 6pm. Reuben's Brews at the Brave Horse Tavern.

    Menu includes Crikey IPA v. Pretzel Bites and Beer Nuts, Gose v. Penn Cover Mussels, Daily Pale v. Butter Poached Alaskan King Crab, Alt Bier v. Columbia River Spring Chinook Salmon, Imperial Rye v. Applewood Smoked Portobello Mushroom Pastrami, 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout v. Cocoa Nib Rubbed Venison Ny Strip, and Reuben's Kentucky Common v. Black Sheep Farm’s sheep’s milk cheesecak. $85. Brave Horse Tavern is at 310 Terry Avenue North in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood.

Alternatively, if a local brewery isn't your desire, then I'd suggest The Masonry, May 18th, for Trinity Brewing food pairing. Event includes Trinity's 7 Day Sour, Chilly Water, Emma's Saison, Menacing Kumquat Saison, and Red Swingline.


Or swing into Brouwer's Cafe, "Underberg Back in Black Stout Fest".
Alternatively, you might try "Tour de Pints" starting at Seapine Brewing
If mini golf isn't your thing, then you should make the drive to West Seattle and visit Beveridge Place Pub for "Iron Brewer Pro Triple Header"
If you can't make it to Brouwer's Cafe, you should stop by Cloudburst Brewing to meet Bale Breaker Brewing or Capitol Cider to get a sneak peek of this year's Beer Camp Across America beers from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.
Honestly, there's lots to do on Thursday. Take my advice and pick something!

Alehouse / Brewery Festivals

Alternately you can visit The Pine Box for "Can You Handle My Randall?", on May 17th, from 4pm.

Did I miss anything?