image sourced from Chuckanut Brewery

Maibock - Chuckanut Brewery

This is our first Maibock and it's going to be terrific! With an ABV of 7% it's a dangerously smooth deep golden, malty and rich lager. Moderate bitterness serves to balance out the full bodied malty beer.

image sourced from Diamond Knot Brewing

19 - Cinnamon Rose Knot Red
26 - Industrial IPA dry-hopped with Amarillo hops
18 - Cinnamon Rose Knot Red 
25 - Danny's Big Red Monkey  
*Industrial Red with Orange Juice. This is a play on a Brass Monkey.

image sourced from Fish Brewing Company
Crisp & Dry Apple Cider - Fish Brewing 

Dryer than its sister ciders, with a refreshingly crisp apple taste. A brand new year-round!
Leavenworth Grapefruit Raddler - Fish Brewing 

Our brand new style perfect for the glories of a Northwest Summer! A light and refreshing lager infused with grapefruit juice, a fantastic balance of sweet and tartness. 4.2% ABV / 15 IBU
Ten Squared Barleywine - Fish Brewing 

Originally brewed to celebrate our tenth anniversary, now the crown jewel of our Reel Ales. Ten different hops give Ten Squared a unique hop character with a strong malt backbone. 10% ABV / 100 IBU
image sourced Foggy Noggin Brewing

Cream Ale - Foggy Noggin Brewing 

On Friday - May 20th (3-7pm) - we bring back our ever popular Cream Ale. We will have this beer around for a short time, so make sure you grab a pint and toast to Stephanie and Lee. 5.2% ABV / 18 IBU

image sourced from Geaux Brewing
Au Lait Coffee Milk Stout - Geaux Brewing

Infused with coffee and chicory from New Orleans, this 8% ABV milk stout has a great malty sweetness that's balanced by the deep, rich spiciness of chicory. It's like sitting at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter, but with a kick!
Lakeshore Lager - Geaux Brewing 

A great, full-bodied lager that, at 6.2% ABV ain't your average "lawnmower" beer. Crisp, clean, but with a litter higher ABV leads to a highly-drinkable lager with a little extra umph in it.