Brewery News: Seattle: Bell + Whete selects Hilliard's German-style wheat for its house beer.

Press Release

SEATTLE, WA – Hilliard’s Beer is pleased to announce the launch of their latest beer – brewed for Belltown’s Bell + Whete. The beer, a collaboration between Hilliard’s brew team and the Bell + Whete bar staff is, fittingly, a wheat beer. “When we first talked about this project, the thought of doing a wheat beer was a no brainer,” says Hilliards Head Brewer Brian Wold. “Given the name of the bar, the season we are heading into, and the desire to make something light and quaffable, this was the perfect choice.

Hilliard’s’ Bell + Whete beer is a German-style wheat beer featuring notes of banana, clove, and a hint of citrus on the nose. It drinks bready and smooth yet surprisingly light and refreshing and finishes back to the banana and clove with a touch of coriander. Brewed with a combination of Wheat and ESB Pale malts and hopped with noble Saaz the Bell + Whete beer comes in at 15.7 IBU and 5.4% ABV. All these elements come together to make a perfectly drinkable summery beer.

You’ll be able to find the beer starting this Thursday, May 12 in the Hilliard’s Beer taproom and of course on the beer list at Bell + Whete throughout the summer. As the weather changes towards fall, the beer might change as well, eventually running as a seasonally shifting collaboration. Stay tuned and drink up.

About Hilliard's Beer

Ryan Hilliard founded Hilliard’s Beer in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in October 2011 with a focus on making excellent craft beer from the best available ingredients. Hilliard’s is dedicated to simplicity, excellence, and care of process. They believe in quality without exclusivity or pretentiousness – from ingredients, to brewery, to staff and are always happy to share their knowledge and passion for what they’re doing – ideally over a cold beer. Made in Ballard, Drunk Everywhere!