Brewery Event: Bellingham: Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen hosts artist Katie Johnson, May 28th.

Press Release

Art can sometimes pair together effortlessly with food and drink so Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, located at 601 W. Holly St. Bellingham, will be adding a unique set of work by local artist Katie Johnson! Katie is known for her talented creation of the Bellingham Brew Deck, which consists of portrait illustrations of the craft beer community in Bellingham. The art that will be displayed in the Kitchen from May 28 til July 16 will consist of small mixed media studies inspired by her muse.
Who is Katie’s muse you might ask? A furry, four-legged cat named Hobbes! He was the purr-fect inspiration behind her experimentation on creating mixed media with the use of graphite, color pencils, and pastels. Katie has a unique creation process behind her art with the build up of layers contrasted with exposed canvas and the use of charcoal in the under drawings. What makes her style so unique is the practice of exposing these under paintings.
Katie Johnson has been actively drawing and creating since childhood, which led to the decision to study studio art at Western Washington University. She graduated in 2010 and still resides in the Bellingham area. She feels Bellingham is the perfect place for artists, entrepreneurs, and people taking on start-up projects because it is an encouraging, vibrant community with an incredible network of support. When Katie is not creating art, you can find her trail running on one of many trails in Bellingham, out exploring near Padilla Bay, or pouring beers and serving food at Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen!

Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, located at 601 W. Holly St, was awarded Small Brewpub of the Year 2009 and Small Brewing Company 2011 at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. The full service “Kitchen” serves an eclectic fresh local menu for all ages. $3 Pint Night on Monday and Kolsch Night Tuesday’s are some of the extra activities offered at the “Kitchen”. Currently underway is the building of a second production facility and brew hall in Skagit Valley located at 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington. Learn more about Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen at