image sourced from Diamond Knot Brewing
Binnacle Summer Ale - Diamond Knot Brewing

"Now available in cans and bottles!"

"Binnacle Summer Ale replaces Blonde Ale, which has now become a year-round selection, both in kegs and cans. Binnacle Summer Ale, pours golden yellow with a spicy aroma. Finish is light with a slightly dry sweetness. To add a really special touch, we used Belgian yeast to bring out subtle flavors of honey and cloves."
Thai Me Up - Diamond Knot Brewing

"A Thai inspired lager collaboration beer with Scuttlebutt Brewing"

"Wanting to represent the light and delicate flavors of Thailand, this beer was brewed with jasmine rice and infused with lemon grass, galangal root, and kaffir lime leaves. Late addition hops of Sorachi Ace, Mosaic, and Citra, impart a bright and welcoming aroma. 15 IBUs, 5.0% ABV"

April 21st - "Irish Coffee Slane's"
April 28th - "IPA dry-hopped with Pekko hops"
MLT: (Mountlake Terrace)
April 20th - "Raspberry Blonde Ale"
April 27th - "IPA dry-hopped with Pekko hops"
image sourced from Fremont Brewing
Summer Ale - Fremont Brewing

"Summer Ale tastes like tangerine flowers in a glass...endless days brewed into sweet nectar of barley and hops. Our answer to bigger is better, Summer Ale is as simple as craft beer gets. One grain, one hop. Simplicity, yet so much more. 5.2% ABV // 45 IBU"

image sourced from Hale's Ales
Kolsch - Hales Ales

"Hale's introduces its GABF Gold Medal winning Kolsch for the first time ever in lightweight cans. Hale's Kolsch is light, crisp and satisfying, brewed with the finest pilsner malt, fermented using a traditional Kolsch yeast and then cold lagered. The result is a delicious, crisp, light ale that shares many flavor characteristics of a true pilsner. Flavorful and easy to drink, very enjoyable. 4.7% ABV"
Bill'sner Pils - Hales Ales

"Now released in 22oz bottles!"

"Cool, crisp and refreshing, a great pilsner is a delicate drink and not easy to make!  Named for long-time Hale's employee, Bill Preib.  Straw in color and true to the pilsner style-- clean, light, crisp, finishing dry.  Made with Czech pilsner yeast and 100% Heidelberg pilsner malt.  Hale's is the only brewery in the region using Heidelberg pilsner malt for a production beer!  Hopped with Czech Saaz and American Tahoma."

image sourced from Icicle Brewing Company

COLAB Belgian Dubbel - Icicle Brewing Company

"For the first time in 5 years, we have finally brewed a beer with Belgian Yeast! Thanks to our friends at Base Camp Brewing Company, who brought the yeast when they visited as part of a collaboration brew, we were able to make a true Belgian Dubbel. 6.5% ABV // 19 IBU"
Pale Ale Project 5th Anniversary - Icicle Brewing Company

"The Pale Ale Project, which is now on its 5th Pale Ale (coincidentally, in our 5th year of brewing). Like all our Pales, the top-secret recipe is guarded by a half-dozen rowdy brewers armed with a bad sense of fashion and poor table manners! 5% ABV"
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