Brewery Release: OR/WA: Coming Soon ... COLAB Belgian Dubbel & COLAB Belgian Tripel, by Icicle Brewing and Base Camp Brewing

Press Release
image courtesy Icicle Brewingimage courtesy Icicle Brewing
Common Obsessions, the Linking of Awesome Breweries. Aka COLAB is a collaboration project between Icicle Brewing Company and Base Camp Brewing Company. The common obsessions were beer (obviously) and powder snow skiing. The way they did it was simple…  In early February, Icicle Brewing took a trip to Portland where they helped brew a Belgian Tripel at Base Camp Brewing and paired it with some shredtastic ski boarding at Mt. Hood Meadows. A couple weeks later, Team Base Camp came to Leavenworth where they helped brew up a Belgian Dubbel with Team Icicle, pairing that brew with a proper pow day at Stevens Pass. The brewing conditions were somewhere between epic and all-time, evident in the two styles. Both breweries are releasing a regular version and an oak aged version and will have both styles available throughout the next couple months… look to their tasting rooms if you want to get your hands on a pint of either COLAB. Icicle Brewing will be tapping the Dubbel on Friday, March 18th. They are offering $.50 off COLAB pints on Friday to those who present a lift ticket or season pass from ANY ski area!

COLAB Belgian Dubbel

For the first time in 5 years, we have finally brewed a beer with Belgian Yeast! Thanks to our friends at Base Camp Brewing Company, who brought the yeast when they visited as part of a collaboration brew, we were able to make a true Belgian Dubbel. The result of the C.O.L.A.B. (Common Obsessions the Linking of Awesome Breweries) is a fun and unique ale boasting caramel and dried fruit traits balanced with generous malty character. We hope you enjoy drinking this beer as much as we enjoyed making it!

 ABV:   6.5%                IBU:   19        OG:  15.5°P                    FG:  3.5°P

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