On the morning of Wednesday, March 9th, Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood was shook awake from a violent natural gas explosion. Originally reported as a gas leak, nine firefighters were called to investigate a nearby business a few feet from N.E. 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue. Shortly after 1:30am, local businesses Neptune Coffee, Quick Stop, Mr. Gyro, were destroyed in a brutal explosion, with nearby business' windows shattering from the shockwave and shrapnel. We're happy to report no fatalities occurred as a result of the tragedy, with the nine firefighters reportedly out of the hospital.

As it turns out Naked City Brewery and Taphouse was scheduled to host a fund raiser for the Taproot Theater, March 9th. Unfortunately Naked City is closed while reviewing the damage, which means a postponement of their Taproot Theater's fundraiser, till Thursday (March 10th).

However, the brewery is making a change to their event, in light of the tragedy that's occurred. Rather than releasing Taproot Golden Ale, the brewery has renamed this beer to Greenwood Phoenix Golden, in recognition of the neighborhood's resiliency. People are asked to visit Naked City tomorrow and enjoy a pint (or more) of Greenwood Phoenix Golden, with 100% of sales going directly towards the Greenwood neighborhood. 

Naked City Brewery and Taphouse is located at 8564 Greenwood Ave N, in Seattle, with doors opening at 11:30am. 

Also, if you can't make it to Naked City Taphouse, then be sure to visit the neighborhood soon, while supporting the local restaurants, cafes, bars, and retail.

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