Welcome to America’s newest craft beer contest. We are here to celebrate and promote the best of the best in Craft Brewing. We know how much time, effort and money goes into breweries entering into beer awards. We designed this unique event to benefit your brewery with national exposure in major beer magazines, promotional materials, and automatic entry for the following year for medal winners. -source, Best of Craft Beer Awards

Held annually, this year's "Best of Craft Beer Awards" recognized breweries from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Included in the list were Burnside Brewing, Reuben's Brews, Breakside Brewing, Sunriver Brewing, and Ecliptic. Additional winners hailed from McMinnville, Eugene, Seattle, Bend, and even Sisters.

Tallying the results here are the top 10 winning breweries from the Pacific Northwest. Totals were based on the type and quantity of medals received (e.g. Gold = 3pts, Silver = 2pts, Bronze = 1pt).

  1. Bend Brewing Company - Bend, Oregon.
    1. Gold medal for their Wicked Machine Strong Ale and 2 Silver medals for their Baltic Porter and Outback X Old Ale / British Strong Ale
  2. Mazama Brewing - Corvallis, Oregon
    1 Gold medal for their Resplendent, a Silver medal for their Gillian Red, and a Bronze medal for their Wizard Island Wit
  3. Boneyard Beer - Bend, Oregon
    2 Gold medals 1 for their Bon A Fide Pale Ale and another for their Notorius Imperial IPA.
  4. Burnside Brewing Company - Portland, Oregon
    1 Gold medal for their Couch Select Cream Ale and 2 Bronze medals for their Dr. Bock and Sweet Heat.
  5. Eclipic Brewing - Portland, Oregon
    1 Gold medal for their Orange Giant American Barleywine and 1 Silver medal for their Spica German Pils
  6. Reuben's Brews - Seattle, Washington
    1 Gold medal for their Gose and a Silver meda for their Hop Tropic American IPA
  7. Sunriver Brewing - Sunriver, OR
    1 Gold medal for their Fuzztail American Wheat and a Silver medal for their Rippin' Northwest Ale Pale Ale. 
  8. Dru Bru - Snoqualmie Pass, WA
    1 Gold medal for their Dru Bru Kolsch and a Silver medal for their Dru Bru Schwarzbier
  9. Breakside Brewing - Portland, Oregon
    1 Gold medal for their Breakside IPA and a Bronze medal for their Breakside German Pilsner
  10. Deschutes Brewery - Bend, Oregon
    2 Silver medals for their The Dissident Oud Bruin and Mirror Mirror English-style Barleywine.
Overall Oregon took home the lion's share of medals when tallying total number of medals, with Washington following a distant second, then Idaho.

A full breakdown of winners from Idaho, Oregon, and Washington is listed below. For additional winners visit http://www.bestofcraftbeerawards.com/medal-winners-2016/.

American Amber -  40 Entries
Populuxe Brewing's Citra Red - Gold

American Barleywine - 15 Entries
Ecliptic Brewing's Orange Giant - Gold

American IPA - 134 Entries *clean sweep!
Breakside Brewery's Breakside IPA - Gold
Reuben's Brews' Hop Tropic IPA - Silver
Standard Brewing's West Coast IPA - Bronze

American Pale Ale - 61 Entries
Boneyard Beer's Bone A Fide - Gold
Sunriver Brewing's Rippin' Northwest Ale - Silver

American Porter - 38 Entries
Golden Valley's Dundee Porter - Silver
Mt Tabor Brewing's SxNW Porter - Bronze

American Stout - 34 Entries
Barrel Mountain's Starway Stout - Gold
Aslan Brewing's American Stout - Silver

American Strong Ale - 11 Entries
Wild Ride's Brain Bucket - Gold

American Wheat - 13 Entries
Sunriver Brewing's Fuzztail - Gold
Snoqualmie Brewery & Taproom's Haystack Hefe - Silver

Baltic Porter - 4 Entries
Bend Brewing's Baltic Porter - Silver

Belgian Strong Ale - 20 Entries
Bend Brewing's Wicked Machine - Gold

Belgian Dubbel - 7 Entries
Wander Brewing's Together Belgian Dubbel - Silver

Brett Beer - 4 Entries
Oakshire Brewing's Three Chords and the Truth - Gold

British Bitter - 15 Entries
Klamath Basin Brewing's Crater Lake Amber Ale - Silver
Golden Valley Brewing's Red Thistle Ale - Bronze

British Brown Ale - 14 Entries
Sockeye Brewing's Powerhouse Porter - Silver

Cream Ale - 17 Entries
Burnside Brewing's Couch Select - Gold

Czech Lager - 11 Entries
Buoy Beer Co's Czech Pils - Gold
Baerlic Brewing's Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner - Silver

Doppelbock - 10 Entries
Burnside Brewing's Dr. Bock - Bronze

English Barleywine's - 8 Entries
Deschutes Brewing's Mirror Mirror - Silver

European Sour - 6 Entries
pFriem Family Brewers' Flanders Red - Gold
Deschutes Brewing's Dissident - Silver

Fruit Beer - 30 Entries
Mazama Brewing's Rasplendent - Gold
Burnside Brewing's Sweet Heat - Bronze

German Heritage Lager - 6 Entries
Ecliptic Brewing's Spica Pils - Silver

German Pils - 20 Entries
Breakside Brewery's Breakside Pilsner - Bronze

Gose - 5 Entries
Reuben's Brews' Gose - Gold

Imperial IPA - 55 Entries
Boneyard Beer's Notorius - Gold

Irish Red Ale - 20 Entries
Loowit Brewing's Two Sixteen - Silver

Kolsch - 20 Entries
Dru Bru's Kolsch - Gold
Sockeye Brewing's Galena Gold - Bronze

Mixed-Style Beer - 26 Entries
Wander Brewing's Global Mutt - Bronze

Old Ale or British Strong Ale  - 12 Entries *clean sweep!
Three Creeks Brewing's Stampede - Gold
Bend Brewing's Outback X - Silver
Wallace Brewing's Strong Ale - Bronze

Red IPA - 11 Entries
Mazama's Gillian Red - Silver

Schwarzbier - 15 Entries
Dru Bru Schwarzbier - Silver

Scottish Ale - 15 Entries
Fearless' Scottish Ale - Golde

Specialty Wood-Aged Beer - 43 Entries
Fremont Bourbon Abominable - Golde
Caldera's Mogli - Bronze

Wee Heavy - 8 Entries
Pelican's MacPelican's Wee Heavy - Gold

Witbier - 14 Entries
Juniper Milkman Wit - Silver
Mazama Wizard Island Wit - Bronze

Wood-Aged Beer - 11 Entries
Klamath Basin Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stout - Bronze
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