Brewery News: WA: Everett: Big Time Brewery's Nick Kannarr accepts head brewer position at Lazy Boy Brewing

Late last week it was announced Big Time Brewery's Nick Kannarr is departing for Lazy Boy Brewing Company in Everett, Washington. For Nick this marks another bullet point in an almost decade-long brewery career, which includes the opening of Vital Brewing, working at North Sound Brewing, work at Maritime Pacific Brewing, and head brewer at Big Time Brewery and Alehouse.
image courtesy Nick Kannarr & Kari Murr
Nick Kannarr (right) courtesy Kari Murr
After April 1st Nick will replace owner Shawn Loring as head brewer, while Shawn manages day-to-day operations including management of the taproom and distribution. And when Kannarr isn't working in the brewery (e.g. cleaning kegs, cleaning fermenters, etc.) he'll deliver beer to nearby bars and restaurants, as part of Lazy Boy's continued commitment to self-distribute 60% of their beer, while 2 distributors the remaining 40%.

While at Lazy Boy Brewing, Nick will introduce additional limited edition beers, side-by-side with the existing recipes Shawn Loring has developed. Current discussions center on the possibility of brewing barrel-aged beers, which is something Nick developed while he was working at North Sound Brewing. Still, it's too early to make pronouncements on a Lazy Boy Barrel-aged Porter or Lazy Boy Gose. For now Nick is eager to test the limits of the brewery with a modest goal to brew an additional 1000 barrels beyond the brewery's annual production.

For Nick it hasn't set in that his name will be forever associated with Big Time's other celebrity brewers (including Ed Tringali, Dick Cantwell, Kevin Forhan, Bill Jenkins, and Drew Cluley). Rather Kannarr would be 1st to eschew the label of head brewer at Big Time Brewing. Instead Nick would confess his love of brewing reliable beers, while deflecting the verbal praises for his preservation of beers like Old Wooly or Breakfast Cereal Killer. With humility Nick doesn't see his beers as some of the best, rather he sees his beers as some of the more consistent in the area. If his philosophy at Big Time is any evidence of his dedication to brewing dependable beer, Nick will contribute something special to Lazy Boy Brewing.

For now, Nick is focused on assisting Big Time Brewery with acquisition of the next head brewer. Until then, you're welcome to visit Nick at Big Time Brewery, to congratulate him on his next adventure.
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