Brewery News: WA: Elliott Bay Brewing hosts Double Mountain, collaborate with Aslan. Don't forget about Barley Wine Vertical Tasting too!

Whether you live in Bellingham or Seattle, here are a couple events from Elliott Bay Brewing worth looking out for.

Guest Brew with Kyle Larson

On February 19 we're planning a guest brew day with Kyle Larson, the Head Brewer from Double Mountain Brewing in Hood River, Oregon to celebrate our Lake City Way pub's 4th birthday. The beer is planned to be released the week of March 20th.

Feb. 19 Collaboration with Aslan

We'll also be doing an all-Organic ingredient beer collaboration with Aslan Brewing at their brewery in Bellingham. The beer will be a light, hoppy Spring Ale. Expect a very drinkable, aromatic beer.

March 5th, Burien hosts the Barley Wine Vertical Tasting

Saturday, March 5th we will be having a Barley Wine Vertical Tasting in Burien all day long! We will be featuring four barley wines from 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 along with a food pairing. Mmmmm.....

That is all.
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