Alehouse News: WA: Seattle: Cooper's Alehouse expands IPA Fest to all of April 2016.

Cooper's Alehouse, located along Seattle's Lake City Way/Highway 522, has been a destination for India Pale Ales, since 2002. As has been their tradition, in April, the alehouse sets aside a week (or two) and dedicates their draft lines to IPAs.

Now in it's 14th year, the festival organizers have decided to dedicate all of April to IPAs.
So many IPA's now and so little time.  So this year we're stretching IPA Fest out to the whole month of April.  To think, 14 years ago it was just one week!  We'll have doubles, triples, and whatever else they come up with by then.  WABL will be joining us on Tax Day, April 15th for a celebration of Washington IPA's and we'll have plenty of other themes throughout the Fest.  got hops?
Starting with February 11th, Cooper's Alehouse  is warming up palates (or numbing them, we're not sure) with a Triple IPA Fest. Look for at least 4 taps featuring Triple IPAs.

Consider this a warm up for IPA Fest.  Starting on Thursday, February 11th we'll have four Triple IPA's pouring at all times until the dozen or so we have are gone.  You can get a taster tray of the four on tap or enjoy a glass of whichever you choose.  Stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter feeds to see what's getting tapped.
 Cooper's Alehouse is located at 8065 Lake City Way NE in Seattle, WA.
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