Brewery News: WA: Spokane: No-Li Brewhouse celebrates Spokane's neighborhoods with "LocALE Mondays", throghout 2016. Details below on where to get your 11 commemorative pint glasses

Press Release
image courtesy No-Li Brewhouse
Spokane, WA…For years, No-Li Brewhouse has contributed to the growth of its community through partnerships with local businesses, as well as nonprofit organizations. They’ve realized, however, that a major component of their wonderful city has been overlooked for far too long…the neighborhoods!

So, in the spirit of unity came LocALE Mondays. For the rest of 2016, No-Li will highlight a different Spokane neighborhood each month, and the staff will be donating their time to organizations within the selected neighborhood. Every LocALE Monday throughout that month, patrons will have the opportunity to collect a limited-edition, neighborhood pint glass. 

"The Spokane community is a fabric of local neighborhoods that add character and a sense of being real and grounded," says No-Li owner, John Bryant.  "We look forward to celebrating the individuality and specialness of our community, one Spokane neighborhood at a time!"

Kicking off from 5pm-8pm on February 1st, No-Li will release the first of their eleven-part pint glass series! Try to collect all eleven glasses, and make sure to keep an eye out for No-Li in your neighborhood!


About No-Li Brewhouse
Born & Raised in Washington’s Inland Empire, No-Li Brewhouse is an internationally award-winning brewery, crafting Spokane-Style beers with No Boundaries: innovative beers brewed with locally sourced ingredients. No-Li has won sixteen international awards, including a gold medal from the 2012 Great American Beer Festival.  For more information about the beers, brewery and the pub, visit, or follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @nolibrewhouse.
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