Brewery News: OR: Astoria: Get a sneak peek at this year's Fort George 3-Way IPA, January 20th, at this year's IPA & Indian Cuisine Brewer’s Dinner.

image courtesy Fort George Brewery
If you find yourself living or visiting Astoria next week, it might be a good idea to consider attending Fort George Brewery's "IPA & Indian Cuisine Brewer’s Dinner".

Not just for the chance to enjoy a five course dinner, paired with six IPAs. Not just for the chance to speak with brewers at Astoria's largest brewery. But also a chance to enjoy six beers made by some of the most celebrated brewers in the area.

You can imagine preparing for a 3-Way IPA requires quite a bit of finesse. This summer seasonal is built to be the best IPA that Fort George and a couple of good friends can brew. But first many questions must be answered. Which hops should be used? What’s the target OG? Where to throw the first 3-Way IPA release party? And does this can color match my hat? Before any test batches can be brewed or events can be planned, bread (or more specifically naan) must be broken.

Join Fort George on Wednesday, January 20th for the annual IPA & Indian Cuisine Brewer’s Dinner. This intimate night features five courses of wood-fired fare paired with six IPAs from the breweries in the upcoming 3-Way IPA collaboration. It’s your chance to rub elbows with the brewers, offer up your three cents about this year’s beer, and all the while gorge on spicy Indian food and hoppy IPAs.

Realizing that beer alone won't get you a seat, they've provided us the following menu. You'll notice that none of the participating brewery's beers are listed below. If you want to know who is being considered you'll have to attend.

  • Intro Beer.
  • Appetizer. Roti Bread 3-Ways with pickled mango, coriander pepper chutney, paneer & mustard greens. 
  • Salad. Radish greens, roasted golden beets, pickled pomegranate gourd seeds, mint, fennel, and pomegranate vinaigrette. 
  • Soup. Lentils and rustic cut carrots with yogurt.
  • Entree. Lamb with chickpeas and sweet gourd with tomato curry broth.
  • Dessert. Rose petal and cardamom kulfi, rolled in crushed pistachios.

Buy your tickets online at or by calling the pub at (503) 325-PINT. Tickets are $65 per person, or reserve two tickets and pay only $60 each. Seating is limited and the 1st beer will be served at 6pm.

If you can't make the dinner the brewery would like to remind you to look for ".test batches of 3-Way IPA 2016 (A.K.A. Beta IPA 11) starting in March".

Fort George is located at 1483 Duane Street in Astoria, Oregon.
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