Brewery Release: WA: Seattle: Coming Soon ... Holy Mountain Misère au Borinage and Holy Mountain Cascade Table

Located near the Ballard Bridge, Holy Mountain Brewing has announced the next bottle releases - Misère au Borinage and Cascade Table. Doors open at 12pm this Friday, December 18th.
image sourced from Holy Mountain's website
"On Friday December 18th at 12pm noon we are releasing two new oak aged beers in bottles and on draught at the Holy Mountain taproom. We are also making some changes to improve the experience for everyone who comes out to buy bottles on the 18th.

Misère au Borinage is a foudre aged grisette, brewed with a large quantity of both raw and malted wheat, and aged for many months with a mixed culture of Brett and Lacto in one of our foudres. Misère (mee-zair) was then refermented in the bottle with Brett and allowed to condition for three months. This grisette is nicely tart, dry, and funky. Definitely our best batch of grisette to date. $15. 4 bottles per person per day.

Cascade Table is an American Table Sour fermented and aged in oak with a mixed culture of Brett and lactic acid bacteria. Dry hopped with a really nice lot of Washington grown Cascade. Refermented in the bottle with Brett. This beer is best consumed fresh, it is well conditioned now and the dry hop character will fade over time. $15. 1 per person.
All of our Brett conditioned bottles are lively and effervescent. We suggest that you chill them overnight in a refrigerator, open cold and allow them to warm in the glass.

Both Misère au Borinage and Cascade Table will be available on draught at the release. Draught kegs are Brett-conditioned and we’ll be doing full pours of both while they last.

Thank you very much to everyone who has come out to the last bottle releases. We are very appreciative of all of the support and the excitement for the beers. We are doing our best to anticipate and adapt to the demand. In order to make bottle releases a better experience for all of you who want to come hang out, we are going to make some small changes that we believe will make it more efficient to get bottles quickly so that you can hang out in the taproom and drink, without making things more difficult for anyone.

Starting with the release on December 18th we are going to move to a single line which will enter from the alley (West) side of the building. Day-of we’ll have the beginning of the line marked clearly, and if there is inclement weather we’ll have room inside to line up. To facilitate the space to let everyone stay dry, instead of entering from the taproom the bottle line will enter the building to the far North (left) at the brewer’s entrance. Anyone purchasing bottles can take their bottles and exit to return them to their cars through the taproom exits. Bottle sales will be separate from draught sales for approximately two hours (12pm-2pm), after which any remaining bottles will go on sale through the taproom. 
Separating draught and bottle sales should allow the bottle line to move faster, and will make it so that anyone who wants draught beer can get it quickly without standing in the bottle line. We will continue to accept cash and cards for both bottles and in the taproom, and as always merchandise/bottle purchases are plus tax. As in the past on bottle release days we’ll forego our usual table service in the taproom for service at the bar."
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