Starting Monday, November 16th, the Latona Pub will host a different brewery from up north. 

Every year, at around this time, the Latona Pub spends a week featuring breweries from a specific 'hopbed' of craft beer.  Last year we celebrated the breweries from the Hood River Gorge area.  This year we are featuring the breweries from in and around Bellingham, WA.  The powerhouse is Boundary Bay Brewing Company, but there are several other breweries that are helping to establish this region as a craft beer destination.  We spent a few days touring the breweries of this region; meeting the brewers, asking questions, taking pictures, and of course sampling all we could.  We can't wait to share this experience with you next week. During the week of November 16-20 we will feature a different brewery each night with the typical Brewer's Night festivities 7-9ish.  In total: we will be pouring 20 different beers from 5 breweries.

Located 1.5 hours from Seattle, the city of Bellingham has maintained a rich history of brewing. From the Bellingham Bay Brewing Company to recent addition Wander Brewing, there isn't a shortage of beers.

Below is a breakdown for those who can't decide which day to stop into the 'Pub. Beers will be flowing shorty before the 7pm daily start time. 

  • Monday, November 16th, Boundary Bay Brewing. 
  • Tuesday, November 17th, Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen.
  • Wednesday November 18th Wander Brewing
  • Thursday November 19th Aslan Brewing
  • Friday November 20th Kulshan Brewing
The Latona Pub is located at 6423 Latona Ave NE near Seattle's Greenlake neighborhood.
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