Brewery News: WA: Bothell: John Howie's Beardslee Public House's Drew Cluley and Jed Laparade sit down over beers and bites

Situated near the North Creek and a few blocks from the University of Washington's Bothell Campus is the latest pleat in John Howie's toque - Beardslee Public House.

Located at 19116 Beardslee Blvd, Beardslee Public House opened a couple months ago with the mission of providing affordable food prepared with high-quality ingredients. Complementing the food is Beardslee Brewing, managed by Drew Cluley, and Wildwood Spirits managed by Erik Liedholm.

Like any business opening for the first time, the Public House has endured critiques and praises, both for their food and drink selection. During this time the kitchen has changed little to the menu, while improving the hospitality within the restaurant and bar.

It hasn't been without its challenges, with the opening of Erik Liedholm's Wildwood Spirits still listed as pending.

We sat down with head brewer Drew Cluley and head chef Jed Laparade, to learn more about the current menu of beers and food offered at Beardslee.

Beardslee Public House - Brewery

A graduate of Central Bucks High School East, Drew Cluley got his start in Washington as a brewer at Seattle's Pyramid Alehouse in 1995. Shortly afterwards Drew left the United States to take a consulting position at a startup brewery in Nagano, Japan.

But it didn't take long before the salty air of Seattle called him back to work for Pyramid Alehouse, before moving over to Charles & Rose Ann Finkel's Pike Brewing Company in 2001. Over the next five years Drew worked as an assistant brewer, before accepting the promotion to head brewer in 2006. During that time Drew contributed numerous limited-edition recipes, and maintained such iconic beers as the XXXXX Stout, Pale Ale, and Old Bawdy Barleywine.

A decade into the new millennium, Drew tendered his resignation at Pike Brewing to become Big Time Brewery's fifth head brewer. Given the history of the brewery - formerly employing Dick Cantwell (prior co-owner Elysian Brewing Co.), Bill Jenkins (head brewer at the The RAM Restaurant & Brewery, Northgate location) , Kevin Forhan (head brewer for Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery), and Ed Tringali (international brewery consultant) - Drew knew the responsibility he was taking on. From 2011 through 2014, Drew maintained or created from scratch, all the beers that were featured at the University District brewery.

In 2014, Drew was offered, and accepted, the unique opportunity to assist in the development of a brewery, produced by Chef John Howie. With construction of Beardslee Public House's brewery completed in August of 2015, Drew and his assistant worked long hours to ensure guests had several options on the day of the Public House's opening.

A few months into operation, Drew, along with assistant Paige Zahnle, still work tirelessly on the beers featured within the restaurant and bar.
Beardslee Brewery Sampler Tray
Currently Beardslee Brewing features a staple of five, annually-available, draft beers:
  • Bastard Grain Pale. A crisp easy drinking ale featuring hop varieties from England. Slightly malt forward with moderate bitterness and a floral hop aroma. 
  • Greenleafs IPA. Hops, Hops, Hops. Using a technique called hop-bursting, our IPA derives its mellow bitterness and strong hop aroma and flavor from copious amounts of late addition hopping.
  • Knotted Porter. Dark and roasty, our Porter nods its frothy head at the bittersweet chocolate malt that colors this beer. Mild bitterness and low hop aroma allow this malty elixir to shine. A completely satisfying sipper.
  • Widow Maker Wit. Our Belgian style Wit ale is light, crisp and refreshing. Cloudy from unmalted wheat, and flavored with orange peel and coriander, our Wit was designed to define the style. 
  • Beaver Bait Blonde. An easy drinking ale perfect to quench your thirst and wake up your taste buds for our other offerings.
Additionally head brewer Drew Cluley and assistant Paige Zahnle have created seven seasonal beers, including:
  • Four Ginger IPA. Featuring fresh, candied, pickled & Thai ginger. This IPA dances on your taste buds, truely a summer pleaser.
  • Yellowbelly Wheat. 
  • Sasquatch CDA
  • Bad Axe Double IPA. An India Pale Ale that goes one step further in flavor and bitterness.
  • Sidewinder Stout. 
  • Patch Cut Pumpkin Ale
  • Knuckle Boom ESB
Beardslee Public House - Kitchen

A Seattle native and graduate of South Seattle College's Culinary Arts program, Laparade started his relationship with owner John Howie in 2009 when he was hired on as sous chef for Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar in Bellevue. Jed assisted in the kitchen as well as demonstrated his ability to formulate menus that demonstrate the harmony between food and drink.

In spite of his background built on fine-dining experience, Jed jumped at the opportunity to develop a more everyday menu at Beardslee Public House. This enthusiasm has lead to a menu of comfort foods like pizza, burgers, and pretzels, created with high-quality ingredients.

For those who are looking for a quick bite to eat, some of the kitchen's offerings are as follows:
  • Stout Infused Deviled Eggs: 3 Deviled eggs topped with pickled mustard.
  • House Made Brewing Grain Pretzels: Glazed with honey butter and served with smoked gouda house sauce or mustard
  • Grilled Kalbi Pork Meat Candy: Almost paper-thin slices of kalbi-marinated pork, with sesame seeds and a peppery kick
  • Beer Nuts: In your choice of sweet & salty or sweet & spicy
  • Toasted Flatbread with jalapeno hummus
Toasted Flatbread with jalapeno hummus
Sweet & spicy beer nuts
Grilled Kalbi Pork Meat Candy
Several of the items listed above are also available on Beardslee's Happy Hour menu, which also includes $4 pints.

Additionally the kitchen would like you to try their thin-crust pizzas, made with barley flour, including:
  • Speck & Egg; Speck, farm-fresh egg, arugula, parmigiano, reggiano, and evoo.
  • Charcuterie Pizza: Roma tomato, italian sausage, salami, coppacolla, prosciutto, speck, roasted peppers, parmigiano, and evoo.
Speck & Egg

Charcuterie Pizza

Finally, a visit to the restaurant wouldn't be complete without trying their made-from-scratch Sausage Sampler with your choice of two sausages, including:
  • Spicy italian pork sausage, served with marinara
  • Hot link, served with pickled onions and stone ground mustard

Hot Link
And it would be an oversight if we didn't recognize the accomplishments of assistant brewery Paige Zahlne who is a recently certified Cicerone. Coupled with her certification as a wine sommelier, be on the lookout for food pairing dinners, featuring Beardslee beers paired with Jed's kitchen.

This is just a sample of the kitchen at Beardslee Public House, with most items under $10. Stop by today and see for yourself what the brewery and kitchen has to offer.
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