Alehouse Event: WA: Seattle: Celebrate 20 years with Seattle's Hopvine, September 28th thru October 3rd

Press Release

The Hopvine is celebrating 20 years on 15th Ave East serving the best in craft beer combined with comforting food and a pub setting that welcomes its neighbors. The focus is on the best in craft beer and we take pride in working with many of our brewer friends to showcase their products in the best possible way. We only have 12 taps ensuring quick pour through and constant freshness.  A short draw from keg to tap and weekly tap and line cleaning also make for the best beer experience. Over the years we have introduced many new beers to our friends on 15th E and before it was common. Our beer list for 20 years has been hop forward, adventuresome and always fresh. We have encouraged our customers to meet the brewers behind the beers and have introduced amazing beers and the people that make them in our Brewer Night series.

Along with the beer we have become known for our chef-inspired soups and comfort food. Chef Congdon has been creating food to deliciously pair with craft beer in a kitchen that is incredibly small but not creatively limiting. We wouldn’t be the pub we are without the amazing people who bring the beer and food to life at the Hopvine. The Hopvine has an amazing crew. They are beer and world knowledgeable and deliver the ultimate pub experience.

We have a series of events that highlight what we have done over the years. You are invited to enjoy what we think will be a fantastic week. There will be at least 20 unique and wonderful beers released throughout the week from our brewer friends. There will be anniversary beers brewed specially for us and cellared beers that we guarantee will blow your mind.

Monday September 28th 6pm      Naked City Cask Night. 
The Hopvine is known for their Monday cask night. This anniversary cask night is even more special with casks from Naked City Brewing. A collaboration cask with Flying Bike Cooperative and a special cask from Bigtime. The beer will be fantastic.

Tuesday September 29th 7pm      Two Beers Brewing  Hopvine Anniversary Beer Release & Beer Bingo Join us as we release the Hopquinox Two Beers beer made for the Hopvine. Special bingo from the bingo masters and something special from the kitchen.

Wednesday September 30th 8pm     Anniversary Open Mic Sponsored by Black Raven
We celebrate one of the Oldest Open Mics in the city. Some of our all-star players will perform and Black Raven will bring something special for the night. We will release our own Zach’s beer as well.

Thursday October 1st 7pm     Stoup Brewing Hopvine Beer Release. Foggy Noggin Beer Release.  Two of our favorite brewers release beers for the Hopvine. An amazing IPA from S
toup. Foggy Noggin releases their all Washington ingredient Beer.

Friday October 2nd 9pm.     Anacortes Karaoke
We bring our ever popular Halloween Karaoke to our anniversary week. One of our oldest Brewer friends sponsors the event with special beer.

Saturday October 3rd   8pm    Anniversary Week Finale with Schooner Exact Brewing and the Lonely Mountain Lovers Band.  We conclude our week with a barbecue and live music. Schooner Exact will provide beer. Ribs on the Barbecue and acoustic music on stage.

We hope to see you at the Hopvine during the week as we celebrate the things that have made our 20 years so enjoyable. Thank you for all the support.
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