Brewery News: WA: Kent: Airways announces date for renovated kitchen and new family-friendly area at "Beer & Bistro"

Those who frequent Airways Brewing Company's Bistro, have no doubt noticed some changes. Realizing that no news is not good news, Alex and Dionne Dittmar have addressed concerns. 

We know many of you are wondering when the new kitchen and family friendly side of our Bistro will open. We haven't posted much of an update in a while because we haven't had a firm date due to a few complications. The first was cleaning up an old, asbestos-laden ceiling that had a few surprises for us. The second was finding our place in the long queue of construction projects going on during this amazing run of nice weather. 
The good news is it looks like our new kitchen and family-friendly seating area will open in September! It's been a long time coming, and we're so excited to see what Ken and the rest of the team can do with a bigger kitchen.
On a personal note, we are also incredibly grateful to our employees, customers, and investors that have helped us grow Airways. It's been amazing to watch downtown Kent change over the last 3 and a half years since we opened this location, and we're grateful to be part of this community. We're not done yet though... we have another major announcement in the works!
-Dione and Alex

So there you have it. Stop by to see the renovated kitchen and new "family-friendly seating" this September. 

Airways Brewing's Beer & Bistro is located on 320 W Harrison Street in Kent, WA.
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