Alehouse Event: WA: Seattle: Naked City Brewery and Taproom celebrates Dick Cantwell, July 13th at 8pm

  1. 2.
    criticize or reprimand severely.
    "if you waste his time he'll roast you"

Often associated with Hollywood celebrities, a "roast" is an opportunity to entertain audiences and peers, while insulting a guest. The rules are pretty simple, don't pull any punches (mostly) and above all make everyone laugh. 

During the 20th Century New York City's Friar's Club roasted the likes of Barbara Streisand, Bruce Willis, Drew Carey, Donald Trump, and many others. If you are curious what a Friar's Roast consists, then I invite you to "Google it" and watch a video for yourself. 

Taking inspiration from the Friar's Club, several people are getting together to pay their respects to Elysian's founding brewer.

Monday, July 13th, the Naked City Brewery and Taproom hosts the roast of Dick Cantwell. 

Starting at 8pm, several of Dick's former co-workers, peers, and even a comedian; who will share their thoughts on Dick Cantwell. Please stop by, pick up a pint, and enjoy the following speakers:

  • Comedian, Derek Sheen
  • Beer Bloger, Paul Orchard of the Northwest Beer Guide
  • Brewer Steve Luke, former Elysian brewer/current founder of Cloudburst Brewery
  • Howard Lev, founder of Mama Lil's peppers
  • Former Elysian Brewing employee, JR DeMartino
  • Brewer Mark Rudis
  • Brewer, Kevin Forhan of Flying Bike Brewing *formerly from Pike, Big Time, The Ram.
  • Brewer / Owner Don Webb of Naked City Brewing and Taproom.
Dick Cantwell is a pioneer of Seattle craft brewing. Since 1996 he has been head brewer at Elysian Brewing Company, which now has three pub locations and a production facility. His experience founding both brewpubs and a production brewery make him uniquely qualified to help you build the craft brewery of your dreams from the ground up.
image of Dick Cantwell sourced from Brewers PublicationsMore on Dick Cantwelln addition to brewing, Cantwell has written for many beer publications, and in 1997 completed the Brewers Publications’ Classic Style Series edition Barley Wine with Fal Allen in addition to the second edition of The Brewers Association’s Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery (2013). Elysian was named Large Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival® in 1999, 2003 and 2004, and in 2004 Cantwell also received the Russell Schehrer Award for innovation and excellence in brewing. (source, Brewers Publications)
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