Festival News: WA: Seattle: "True to the Brew" celebrates beers & baseball, June 18th at Safeco Field, prior to the Mariners / San Francisco Giants game

image "Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Felix Hernandez (34)", sourced via Creative Commons, from Keith Allison's Flickr pageIt's well known that sports fans are a fickle bunch. When their favorite team is winning they're winning. When they're losing, well, sometimes fans stops being a fan.

But for those who aren't fans of their local team, they are often left with no reason to sit in the stands or the bleachers. The Seattle Mariners know this. Which is why they're promoting a night out, where one can enjoy beers prior to a night in the ballpark.

Starting at 5:10pm and running through 7pm, “True to the Brew” asks fans of beer, fans of baseball, or both; to purchase a $30 June 18th ticket. After 7pm guests are encouraged to watch the Seattle Mariners play against the San Francisco Giants.

In exchange for your $30 you receive two drink tickets, a "True to the Brew" bottle opener, and a View Level (300 Level) ticket. Guests must be 21 or older for this offer and the deadline, to purchase tickets, is June 17th.

To provide additional incentive, the Seattle Mariners are happy to feature the following breweries who will be in attendance.

  • Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Yakima (WA)
  • Black Raven Brewing Company, Redmond (WA)
  • Fremont Brewing Company, Seattle (WA)
  • Laurelwood Brewing Company, Portland (OR)
  • Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene (OR)
  • Schooner Exact, Seattle (WA)
  • Silver City Brewery, Bremerton (WA)
  • Sumerian Brewing Company, Woodinville (WA)

image sourced, via Creative Commons, from Erin Kohlenberg's Flickr page
About Safeco Field
Safeco Field is noted for its great beer selection. Approximately 70-percent of all taps at the ballpark are craft beers including cask ale, as well as Firkin Fridays in The ‘Pen with local brews on a rotating basis.
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