Brewery Release: WA: Snoqualmie Falls: Coming Soon ... Snoqualmie Falls Summer Beer Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

Press Release

image courtesy Snoqualmie Falls Brewery
Snoqualmie, Washington – Our Seasonal Beer program includes changes to each of our Seasonal beers, and we’re excited to release our current Seasonal, Summer Beer, with its new label and recipe tweaks, on May 1st. This delicious Pre-Prohibition Pilsner will now be available for widespread distribution through August. Our change to the recipe this year is a 20 percent addition to the flavor and aromatic Saaz hops, which brings the herbal spiciness even more to the front. Summer Beer is 5.6% ABV and is brewed to 28 IBUs with a grist of Two Row, and C-15 malts, and is bittered with Columbus hops with the Saaz hops for aroma and flavor.

Summer Beer is best enjoyed in a hammock after mowing the lawn, but also goes great with flank steak salad and sliced heirloom tomatoes and after rafting the river.

Summer Beer’s new label is evocative of those sunny, lazy days of summer. We have precious few of them here in the Pacific Northwest, so when they come our way, we need to drop everything to savor them.

The Snoqualmie Falls Brewery began operation in 1997 and opened the Taproom for beer tasting and family dining in April 2006. For more information please contact David Eiffert, 425-831-2337.
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