Brewery News: OR: Portland: Reminder, Green Flash and Alpine descend on PDX during the Craft Brewers Conference

Press Release
Tuesday April 14th 5:00-8:00pm
Roscoe's 8105 SE Stark Portland, OR 97215                 Green Flash/Alpine Meet the Brewer Night
                Join the Green Flash and Alpine teams and enjoy some amazing beers at this classic Portland beer bar. Great food at Roscoe’s, including some outstanding sushi, and one of the best rotating tap selections in town. Plenty of restaurants nearby as well to nosh at after a few pints.

Wednesday April 15th 5:00-8:00pm The Beermongers 1125 SE Division Portland, OR 97202                 Green Flash/Alpine Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer Night
                Join the Green Flash and Alpine teams at this quaint little bottle shop/beer café. We will be taking over all the taps with Green Flash and Alpine, featuring Silva Stout, Le Freak, Hop Head Red, East Village Pilsner, Alpine Duet, Alpine Nelson, Alpine Hoppy Birthday, and Alpine Irish Red. This is a very close cab ride from the convention center and downtown.

Thursday April 16th 4:00-6:00pm Belmont Station 4500 SE Stark Portland, OR 97215                 Green Flash Freak Show/Alpine Launch/Silva Stout 750ml Bottle Release and Signing/Meet the Brewer Night
                Pat Korn gave me some awesome beers from the Cellar, so we will be featuring Little Freak, Super Freak, Super Freak w/ Black Currant, Super Freak w/ Apricot, and Sour Blonde. Will have a photo booth at Belmont Station to encourage people to let their freak flags fly. We will also use this evening to do an exclusive Silva Stout 750ml bottle release, and since Chuck will be there, have him sign any bottles that people would like to have signed. Our premier event of the week, please don’t miss this one and check out one of the top beer bars/bottle shops in the world.

Thursday April 16th 8:00-? Apex Bar PDX- 1216 SE Division Portland, OR 97202                 Alpine Release- Will have all Alpine beers available and hopefully some Green Flash.
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