Brewery News: WA: Kevin Pierce, Pat Ringe, & Nick Kannarr collaborate on "Broken Mirror" an Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

Thursday, March 26th, the Hopvine will unveil a unique collaboration between three brewers. Dubbed "Broken Mirror" Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, it's a 1st for it's 3 brewers.

We used a ton of flaked oats and barley, crystal wheat and chocolate/black malts.  Ten lbs. of Theo’s cacao nibs and  20# lactose in the boil; another 4# of nibs in the brite tank ... 

7% ABV; 20 IBUs

It all began a few years ago, when Anacortes' Kevin Pierce, Diamond Knot's Pat Ringe, and (then) North Sound's Nick Kannarr; came up with the idea to collaborate on a series of beers. With the exception of Kevin Pierce and Pat Ringe, the breweries have changed, as Nick Kannarr is head brewer for Big Time. But the enthusiasm for collaboration remains. 

Starting this Thursday, Broken Mirror will be featured at the Hopvine. If you can't make it to the Capitol Hill neighborhood, head to the Washington Brewers Guild Cask Fest, where all 3 brewers will be pouring Broken Mirror, with a unique addition in each keg. 

Can't decide? Here's the breakdown during the Washington Brewers Guild Cask Fest:
  • Diamond Knot's Broken Mirror cask, conditioned with dried cherries macerated in Jamaican rum
  • Big Time's Broken Mirror cask, conditioned with "... some crazy special sugar, coffee beans and vanilla beans"
  • Anacortes' Broken Mirror cask, conditioned with "... a crazy pepper mixture that was simmered in Imperial Stout"
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