Alehouse Anniversary: WA: Seattle: Brouwer’s Café celebrates 10 years, March 28th.

Saturday, March 28th, will be remembered as the day Seattle's imbibers had to choose from "real ales" & the 10 year anniversary of one the areas more unique alehouses.

Located in the Fremont neighborhood, Brouwer's Cafe is celebrating their 10th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, the Belgian-inspired restaurant and bar is showcasing (potentially) 20 rare beers, on top of another 45 beers, waiting to be imbibed.

But first the rare beers, including:

Anchorage/Grass Roots Arctic Soiree Saison

  • Inspired from travel and friendship, Grassroots creates artisan ales inspired by experience and imagination.
    Brewed and bottled in Alaska by our friends at Anchorage Brewing Company. This beer is crafted with hibiscus flowers, lime juice, and the essence and imagination of our Vermont farmstead family.
    Share. Consider. Enjoy…

Allagash PNC Broken Elevator

  • Allagash PNC Broken Elevator (Maine) I helped brew this in 2010 and returned to Maine in 2013 to help Jason select the blending barrels for this unique sour ale. The “Broken Elevator” name came from Rob Tod & Jason Perkins. A “few” of us were riding an elevator in Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel during the Great American Beer Festival. The elevator stopped and we rang for assistance. The expression on the maintenance guy’s face was hilarious…his eyes almost popped out of his head while he surveyed the scene inside that little elevator car. He points to the “Maximum Load” placard on the wall – it indicated a maximum of 6 people. He snarled “can’t you guys read”. I chimed in with “Sure, we can read, it’s the counting that gives us trouble” We had over a dozen big beer guys in that tiny elevator car. DRAFT -Tom Peters, co-owner of Monk's Cafe.

Black Raven King Dandy

  • King Dandy takes its name from the ‘Dapple Dandy’, and ‘Flavor King’ Pluots on which it was soured. There was also cherry variety named ‘Black Republicans’ that contributed to the souring process. King Dandy has the fruit and King Dandy features strong acidic sour notes complemented by a decent amount of fizz up front. King Dandy finishes with a lingering barrel and fruit pit characteristic. King Dandy will let that fruit linger with the mouth feel and King Dandy will not let you forget that you have been drinking a sour. King Dandy says to enjoy.

Hair of the Dog Matt ’10

  • Matt was inspired by Matt VandenBerghe and Matt Bonney (Bottleworks and Brouwers in Seattle), who personify the spirit and dedication that has helped craft beer become the vibrant industry it is today. This Beer was originally Brewed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bottleworks, and will be released every few years from the Brewery. Matt is made with two Munich malts, two Smoked malts and two types of Belgian candy sugar. It is aged in Kentucky Bourbon and Apple Eau de Vie barrels from Clear Creek distilling. Matt is deep and lush with notes of apple, chocolate and smoke. Alcohol: 12.5% by volume.

Hopworks Urban Brewpub Copperworks Gin Barrel Aged “A-bomb” Abominable Ale

  • The Copperworks barrel had the most "heat" and was very whiskey/bourbon forward. They were all filled in December so the Westland was in for about 1 month, Copperworks for just about 2+ months, and the Oola for 3+months.

Hopworks Urban Brewpub Oola Barrel Aged “A-bomb” Abominable Ale

  • The Oola barrel had stone fruit qualities coming through, most notably a strong peach quality along with some "candy" sweetness. They were all filled in December so the Westland was in for about 1 month, Copperworks for just about 2+ months, and the Oola for 3+months.

Hopworks Urban Brewpub Westland Barrel Aged “A-bomb” Abominable Ale

  • .. Westland barrel had big malt forward notes and accentuated the black and C-120 malt to give it a chocolate-y flavor. They were all filled in December so the Westland was in for about 1 month, Copperworks for just about 2+ months, and the Oola for 3+months

Firestone Walker Hat Trick Sour

  • Hat Trick is a blend of Parabola (Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels) and SLOambic (Sour Opal fermented with Ollie berries, aged in American Oak barrels). This is a beer of contrasts! The aroma of bourbon, vanilla, coconut, tobacco and leather, jockey with tart berry notes. Flavors of malt, coffee, bittersweet chocolate, mingle with berries, tart acidity, a firm malt body, then punctuated by bitterness. The flavors and aroma linger on the palate for some time. This is a full-bodied blend of both our spirit barrel and wild beer barrel programs.

Firestone Walker PNC Buckwheat Stout

  • This bold and deliciously complex beer is an Imperial Buckwheat Stout aged in Tequila barrels for 13 months.  Only a collection of pioneering, well seasoned, extensively traveled and passionate pub owners could come up with such a notion.  Our carefully calculated collision of flavors was laid down in fresh Tequila barrels wrangled over our southern boarder.  We simply call this beer "PNC" in honor of it's collaborating creators – the gothic symphony of flavors will speak for themselves.

Fremont Old Bridgerider Brouwer’s 7th Anniversary

  • We brewed this beer going on 16 months ago, thinking that we could bottle and release it quickly.  Then we tasted it, aged some of it in Bourbon Barrels and waited, and waited.  We blended it, bottled it and waited again.  We decided that it is now ready to be released, after our 8th anniversary but before our 9th Anniversary.

Lost Abbey Bottleworks 15th Anniversary Ale

  • 15 years ago I racked my very first beer into an oak barrel. That same year, Bottleworks opened their doors in Seattle, WA and started selling amazing bottles of beer. It’s purely a coincidence of course, but nonetheless... Where once there were few purveyors of these great beers and fewer still brewers producing oak aged beers, there are many who have joined the party. Yet, Bottleworks remains and institution in this city and we’re proud to call them friends, acquaintances and continued supporters of our craft. In your hands you have 15 years of experience, dedication and commitment to being more than average. We’ve never made a beer aged in Tequila Barrels but we’re sure you’ll find it exceptional for the flavors it holds and the stores it tells. Listen carefully and you can hear the Agave whispering your name as it did ours when we blended this batch from 12 separate oak barrels. Cheers to Vern and the entire Bottleworks crew on the first 15 years. We look forward to 15 more! - Tomme Arthur

New Belgium Decenium Brouwer’s 10th  Anniversary Sour Ale (see description below)

Reuben’s Brews Brouwer’s 10th Anniversary Gobsmacked IIPA (see description below)

Russian River Bottleworks IX Deviation

  • In celebration of Bottleworks 9th Anniversary, we are proud to present Deviation - a beer unique in every sense. This remarkable blend combines the oak aged diversity of PHI, Orphan Ale, and Sonambic Ale with 100% Brettanomyces Ale (Sanctification) and is bottle conditioned with additional Brettanomyces. Thanks Vinnie. Your beer is a testament to the art of deviation. 6.83%

Stone Bottleworks 13 Imperial Porter

  • Bottleworks, Seattle's legendary craft beer store captained by Matt Bonney and Matt "Vern" Vandenberghe, celebrated their 13th Anniversary in March of 2012. Since bottle shop owners can't make their own beer, "The Matts" commission a different brewery each year to help them create their anniversary brew. This time they wanted an especially big beer (they were aiming for 13% abv), so naturally they turned to us for help. Here you see the delicious fruits of our collective labor: a 13-grain, 13-hop imperial porter that packs a wallop. Cheers!

The Bruery Bottleworks XII Imperial Sour Wheat Beer

  • Bottleworks XII was created in conjunction with the Seattle based bottle shop of the same name for their 12th anniversary. Using our berliner culture and a Belgian-style witbeer yeast, we created an imperial sour wheat beer that was fermented in large oak barrels. We then added raspberries for the final month of fermentation.

Flyer’s Brouwer’s 8th Anniversary 140 Schilling Ale (formerly brewed for Bottleworks' 8th Anniversary)

  • Quote for the same beer; but brewed for Bottleworks' 8th Anniversary.

    The Bottleworks VIII 140 Schilling Strong Scotch Ale was brewed by Tony Savoy of Flyers Restaurant and Brewery in Oak Harbor, WA to celebrate Bottleworks’ 8th Anniversary. Brewed with a starting gravity of 26 degrees Plato, this rich, malty ale has subtle hints of Centennial, Chinook and Kent Goldings hops. A total of 1,263 pounds of pale, chocolate and roasted malts were used in two mashings to make just 7 barrels.

    Took Bronze in the "Other Strong Ale or Lager" category for the GABF 2007.

Offering a preview, General Manager Nat Pellman and owner Matthew Vandenberghe visited New Belgium.

In honor of this 10-year milestone we have two very special beers to share with you. New Belgium was kind enough to open up their “wood forest” and allow us to blend a sour beer.  We had a great time hanging out with Eric Salazar, on a sunny December day in Fort Collins, where we tasted close to 20 different fouders. We came up with a 50/50 fouder blend we think everyone will enjoy, but this is a draft only offering.

As an added bonus, Nat & Matthew collaborated with Reuben's Brews to develop a Double India Pale Ale.

The second beer was brewed at one of our favorite Seattle Breweries, Reuben’s Brews. Adam, Mike and Thor were great hosts and allowed us to sit in on the brew, on a sunny Monday in early March. This IIPA, appropriately named Gobsmacked (a British slang term for astonished) is a blend of Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy Hops, and it will have your lips smacking.

Doors open at 11am with each beer subject to limited availability later in the day. Brouwer's Cafe is located at 400 North 35th Street in Seattle (Washington).