Brewery News: WA: Seattle: The Capitol Hill neighborhood makes room for one more. Introducing Outer Planet Brewing Co.

IMG_20150219_162016-3This past weekend, the Captiol Hill neighborhood made room for another brewery.

Outer Planet Brewing, as it’s come to be named, is a concept from Renato Martins and Jim Stoccardo. With a shared interest in craft beer, the duo have opened their 1st nano brewery, on 1812 12th Avenue.

Founded in December, the brewery hosts a 3 barrel (gas-heated) brewery, which deposits into one of 2 (6 barrel) fermenters. Admittedly, both Jim and Renato have learned much (the hard way) , by scaling up a 1/6 barrel recipe for use in a 3 barrel brewery. As it stands the two have brewed 11 times, before they can “… serve something we’re proud of”. Currently the brewery showcases their 7 Outer Planet beers, including a; India Pale Ale, ESB, Oatmeal Brown, Bohemian-inspired ‘Lager’, English-style Barleywine, Belgian-style Saison, & Imperial Stout.

IMG_20150219_162648Hailing from Brazil, before immigrating to the United States, Renato’s beer-drinking experience was restricted to mostly lagers. He would later move to the United States, while maintaining his employment with a well known technology firm. Since the 1st day he arrived in the US, Renato has acclimated himself with the likes of Alaskan Ambers, Fat Tires and Henry Weinhardt’s of the area.

During that same time, Jim Soccardo maintained his dream of artistry, while working in various bars and restaurants; including as a manager at “Volterra Restaurant”. In between putting down the brush and picking up a pint glass, Jim found time to brew some interpretive home brew. As it turned out his beer was well received by many, including his brother, who would later introduce Jim to Renato.

Foodies should resist the urge to qualify Outer Planet as a brew pub, as the brewery only features beers for takeway or on-site consumption. Instead Renato and Jim encourage visitors to arrive with food, to pair against their unique beers.

IMG_20150219_163523In the interim, Outer Planet Brewing will be open from 4:30pm, Friday – Sunday. Additionally there are (tentative) plans to host Science Fiction themed events, given the brewery’s extraterrestrial name.

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