Industry News: WA: Seattle: Growl64, a 64-tap draft house is seeking investments through Indiegogo.

Press Release

Seattle, Wash., January 21, 2015 – Local Seattleite Loren Klabunde left his healthcare career in search of his true passion: beer. The result of Klabunde’s quest for beer became an exhausting expedition as he found many of the local craft breweries are geographically spread out. After navigating through Seattle’s infamous traffic it dawned on him: Why not host all the best local craft brews in one central location? Thus marked the beginning of Growl64, Klabunde’s Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for the perfect solution.

“I have been a craft beer drinker since 1990 and bought my first growler from Snoqualmie Brewery back in 2002. During the last boom in the 1990’s, I could be found drimking Mac & Jacks, Portland Brewing Company and Alasking Brewing amongst others. It has been great to see this amazing resurgence in the number of breweries and all of the new beer. The thing is, I know I have missed out on a lot of new beers and it’s because I have to drive all over Puget Sound to visit many of my favorite local breweries,” recounted Klabunde. “When you have a 3-year-old daughter, brewery tours don’t always make the priority list and I end up with whatever the grocery store has available.”

With Growl64, Klabunde aims to provide Capitol Hill with the perfect and convenient solution for all the craft beer drinkers needs. Featured at the to-be location will be 64 taps full of local craft beer sourced within 100 miles. Growl64 will also be an efficient and sustainable operation with minimal waste from bottles, electricity, or other operational byproducts by focusing on reusable growlers.

“Culture change is risky but believe it’s an achievable goal due to the incredible interest in craft beer. Similar to farm-to-table, craft brewing encompasses ‘buy local’ at its core. By becoming part of their communities, breweries should experience longevity, similar to small European community breweries,” Said Klabunde.

Hosted on the popular crowd-funding site Indiegogo, Klabunde aims to raise $100, 000 to build Growl64. Fundraisers will have the option for exciting donation packages including:

$10.00: Receive a Growl64 branded brewzy, a beer cozie for a pint glass.
$50.00: Receive a Growl64 branded brewzy and 3 free growler fill certificates.
$100.00: Receive Growl64 branded growler, brewzy and 5 free growler fill certificates.
$500.00: Receive a GrowlTap, a Growl64 branded growler, Growl64 branded growler cooler, a brewzy and 10 free growler fill certificates.
$1,000.00: “A beer for a year!” Receive a growler fill every week for 52 weeks, 2 Growl64 branded growlers, a GrowlTap, Growl64 branded cooler bag and a brewzie.
$5,000.00: Have a private event for 15 people prior to grand opening. All attendees will be provided with a Growl64 branded growler, a fill to go and 5 free growler fill certificates, catered food, and hosted by owner Loren Klabunde.

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