Brewery Release: WA & ID: Get It Now ... Snoqualmie Falls Bunghole Double Brown Ale

Press Release

image courtesy Snoqualmie Falls

22oz “Bombers” and kegs to be available at taproom and finer beer stores throughout Washington and Snoqualmie, Washington – As part of our Special Release program, the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company is excited to release its latest creation, Bunghole, on January 2nd. Recently available on draft in the brewery, this delicious, deep double brown ale will now be available for widespread distribution through April. This beer is a great respite for high-gravity ale lovers who are getting hop fatigue. Bunghole is 7.7% ABV and is brewed to 36 IBUs with a grist of Pale Two-row, C-75, Chocolate, Aromatic and Dark Munich malts, and Fuggles hops to create a wonderful chocolate malt aroma and flavor. Bunghole is excellent paired with the rich, hearty foods of winter such as stews and soups and rich desserts like crème brulee.

For those who aren’t old enough to remember, a bunghole is the hole in the side of wooden kegs used for filling them back in the old days. Pictured on the tap handle and bottle labels is a bung reamer, bung, and a wooden barrel with the proverbial bunghole. The pejorative term came later. We figured that since our Baphomet label was approved last year that we’d continue to push the boundaries of bad taste with this great tasting beer! Who knows how low we can sink?

The Snoqualmie Falls Brewery began operation in 1997 and opened the Taproom for beer tasting and family dining in April 2006.
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