Industry News: WA: Seattle: Now open for business "The Bergschrund" in Ballard

From General Mercantile to metal-fueled tavern, postal address 4818 17th Ave NW, in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, has hosted many types of businesses.

Constructed in 1907 on the corner of Leary Way and 17th Avenue N.W. the two story building was originally home to a General Mercantile, before transitioning into "John's Offshore Tavern". Eventually the 'Tavern would change ownership in 1963, renaming itself to Bit Shagaths (later renamed to The Bit Tavern). The Bit Tavern name would remain, until its sale in 1999. Renamed as The Bit Saloon, the new bar owner upgrade its liquor permit to support hard liquor (aka, spirits). In 2010 the former General Mercantile building would experience another ownership change, as the new owners took over and renamed the building to "2 Bit Saloon". Unfortunately the owners of the "2 Bit Saloon" were forced to close their doors in October of 2014. 

Today, the cavity left by "The 2 Bit Saloon" has been filled by "The Bergschrund", a beer-themed bar, in Ballard's 'brewery district'

Co-owned by Northwest Peaks Brewery owner Kevin Klein, The Bergschrund will showcase Northwest Peaks beers, in a family friendly setting. On top of local beers, the bar will provide guests with pizza (for purchase) or allowance of outside food (from nearby food trucks, delivery, or takeout).

As it turns out, the new agreement will allow NW Peaks' Klein to recover the tasting room, expand production, and (in the near future) upgrade the hospitality area for visiting guests.

For the time being The Bergschrund will be open Thursday and Friday (from 4pm to 10pm), Saturday (from 2pm to 10pm), and Sunday (from 12pm to 8pm). For more information visit their Facebook page at or stop by during regular business hours.

The Bergschrund is located at 4818 17th Avenue NW in Seattle, WA.
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