Industry News: Brewie meets $100,000 Indiegogo goal and introduces new perks to meet "stretch goal"

Press Release

image courtesy Brewie

Until now, making your own craft beer has been difficult, cumbersome and expensive. That’s all about to change — thanks to Brewie, the world’s first fully automated home-brewing machine.

We’ve reached our funding goal on Indiegogo in only 10 days, collecting $100,000 worth of pledges from almost 200 funders. This means that Brewie will become a reality for all our backers, including everyone who pledges before the campaign ends on Jan. 31, 2015.

With an award-winning design, Brewie lets you make your own craft beer at the push of a button. You can use our ready-made recipes or experiment with 23 different parameters, such as temperature, time or water amount. Brewie's smartphone app monitors the whole brewing process for you.

We’ve introduced new perks, such as Brewie Pads that contain all the ingredients you need to brew your own beer, and 5-liter (1.3-gallon) kegs where you can store your brew as it ferments.

As soon as our Indiegogo campaign reaches our new stretch goal of $200,000, we will add a new feature to all Brewies that will allow you to add hops at four times in the brewing process rather than only twice!
image courtesy Brewie
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