Brewery Event: WA: Seattle: Maritime Pacific asks customers to vote in the 1st annual “It Must Hold Beer” stein contest

As the month of December concludes, Maritime Pacific Brewing reminds you to vote and vote often.

With December being a month of merriment and the joyful drinking of Holiday Beverages, we are celebrating with a one-of-a-kind Stein Contest for which Maritime has partnered with Pottery Northwest. Participants in the contest have each handcrafted their own unique stein totally from ceramics. Some have incorporated a maritime (or even a “Jolly Roger”) theme. And each stein, of course, “Must Hold Beer”.

Since December 7th, entrants have showcased their unique mug for you to vote on. Voting ends December 21st with each entry eligible for purchase (after the contest's conclusion). For the winner of this contest, they will see their creation rest on the shelf (permanently) in Maritime Pacific Brewing's Jolly Roger Taproom. Customers are asked to stop by to vote and to vote often.

Maritime Pacific Brewing is located at 1111 Northwest Ballard Way in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.
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